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AC4 underwater fanart

By sandara
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for my hubby! :) :heart:
He worked on most of the underwater levels in AC4. :D
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i think sharks are the scariest most cool thing in the world, so this ddrawing is just epic for the mere fact that you drew those cool sharks in there, let alone the amazing quality of this piece!
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That underwater levels...danm creep me!
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This is kind of a great summery of the whole game.
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Love this! Would love to share it with our ocean friends and add it to our album "Ocean art". What do you think?
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WOW!!! Thats amazing! Also my brother is literally playing AC4 RIGHT NOW! :3 so cool!
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Beautiful~ And lol that shark's just all like "The 'ell are you looking at?" 

Also by now I've probably already spammed you with a gazillion notifications, but I can't help it! Your art is so amazing!
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I smell food! very nice art work, congratulations!
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My bro would LOVE this art!!
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Your work is just so amazing...!
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Your art is so amazing. I wish I had money to buy it haha. The same problem any artist has. 
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The man, he's the protector of the wreck? If not, I hope he can hold his breath a long time... Waaaah! 
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No, he's just exploring the wreck. :)
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With that many sharks circling, yeeeeah, I don't think I would be hanging around and eye-balling
them to be honest. :giggle: Gorgeous painting, and I love the little detail of the caustic effects on
the flat of the shark's head and back.
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I love your sharks...
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AC4 was my first though.... playing alot these days also :D kool pic
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the shading is amazing!
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I love this paint XD
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I have yet to play a single AC game, but I have heard enough good things about 4 where I may have to give it a go.  Art for loved ones = win!
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