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fallout 3 fan art

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Ah the shishkebab, how amazing you are, unfortunately you suck in late game.
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this user is has reposed this artwork
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Found someone who's passing this drawing off as their own work.…
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You made me go back and play Fallout 3 again XD I really love that game, and it one of my all time favorite too :love:
Really amazing here, he looks so badass!    
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My favorite part of Fallout 3 were the craftable weapons. 
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This is my character in a shellnut
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Also, he's missing the pipboy :P
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I'll have to use this as a form of reference if I ever try to draw my FO3 character. I'm not a great artist but I want to try because I can't depict my character in-game the way I want to.
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Were they allowed to make this into a base?
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hmm i remember the sword, not so much the claw thing...
or being able to wear sunglasses...
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yes you can wear sunglasses and that is the Deathclaw Gauntlet, a craftable weapon or found on the bear brothers in the pit
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:/ well obviously i got bored about 1/2 through and tired of dieing and called it quits... I am lame I know :/
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fallout games haha awesome is the 3rd :)
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Now I wish that they let you duel-wield. Good work, as always.
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I want his hand.
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I almost wish I could write a story about him.. He is amazing! Fantabulous job!
This is the best fallout character drawing I have ever seen, he just needs red's bandanna and he's good to go.
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Brilliant bit of fallout fan art!
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Best Fallout Pic Ever.
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im a huge fall out fan i looooooooooove this
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well i guess thats how you turn out when your father trained batman
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