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A naked man?? on a GIANT SNAKE?? Freud would have a lot to say about this.

image used for reference: [link]
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Wow, I'd love to have a big snake friend!
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Hmmm, lemme guess... He'd think the painter had pretty clear religious issues in his mind, which is manifested in this clearly Genesis-representing image, which depicts a representation of the painter's sinful nature being great enough to overcome him?

In any case, nice picture. You've rendered the boa and the guy sitting on it really nicely, and I'm liking those purple clouds/trees in the background. 
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This is surreal and just awesome. I never pictured Mowgli this way, but you made him really sexy!
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Good to see jungle boy naked
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Uhmm...he has a lot more "rock star" attitude than a "lost boy raised by wolves" one. Reminds me a little of David Bowie =o but that's ok if that's what you wanted to show. Kaa is nicely portrayed. Not good nor bad, just like in the original story.
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Move over, Freud, you can't have him!

But that certainly is one big snake...!!!
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I especially love the darkness around the man's eyes, and the way his hair curls into subtle little devil horns. The texture on the snake's scales also comes through with remarkable clarity.

Well Done!
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