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Injustice 2 Guest Character: The Punisher
Name: The Punisher
Class type: Gadget
True name: Frank Castle (formerly Francis Castiglione)
Voice actor: Norman Reedus
Bio: Frank Castle was once a proud husband and a father of two while serving in the US Marine Corps. But after witnessing his family being killed by the Mafia, his life changed forever. Employing murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence, and torture in his war on crime, Frank swore to defeat it by any means necessary under the guise of the Punisher. Once a staunch supporter of the Regime, the Punisher has been constantly conflicted emotionally as Superman’s tyranny starts not only massacring criminals, but innocents as well. However, that does not make him a friend of Batman, whom he also despises greatly.
Batman: I can’t forgive the deaths.
Punisher: Well I can’t forgive your softness on crime.
Batman: You can’t fight crime with crime!
Batman: You should’ve gone when the Regime fell.
:iconmchistory:McHistory 30 2
TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2015-JAPANESE BOOK COVER by GuidoGuidi TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2015-JAPANESE BOOK COVER :iconguidoguidi:GuidoGuidi 307 27 Transformers RID Annual 2012 page 2 by GuidoGuidi Transformers RID Annual 2012 page 2 :iconguidoguidi:GuidoGuidi 66 6
Injustice 2 Guest Characters - Optimus Prime
Name: Optimus Prime (formerly Orion Pax)
From: Transformers
Voice: Peter Cullen
Appearance: His cinematic design that originated from the Transformers 2007 film, only he’d be tall like Goro from Mortal Kombat so that he can fight everyone in Injustice 2
Special Moves:
Ion Blaster: Optimus shoot with Ion Blaster against the opponent.
Barrage Cannon: Optimus shoots with the Barrage Cannon against the opponent three times.
Energon Slash: Optimus slashes his opponent with his Energon Blade
Character Trait:
Robotic: Optimus Prime pounds his fists and he glows red for ten seconds. He becomes invulnerable once activated.
Super Move:
Leader Of The Autobots: Optimus Prime punches his opponent three times before getting out his Energon Blade and slashing his opponent away. As the opponent gets injured, Optimus Prime transforms into his truck mode and proceeds to run over the opponent before transforming back to his robot mode.
Win Pose:
Optimus Prime transforms into his truck mode and driv
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 13 15
Injustice 2 Guest Character- V
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: V for Vendetta #1 (September, 1988)
Powers: Physical Super-Human capabilities due to Biological Experiments
Voice Actor: Hugo Weaving
Class: Tech (w/ explosives)
Symbol: A Rosa Violet Carson
Origin: The year is 2028, and the world has changed for the worst. The United Kingdom is controlled by Norsefire, a totalitarian government who regulates and controls the country with an iron fist. However, there was a man who would come to bring justice to the people, a man engineered by the horrors of the new reality, as he was tested upon within the prison he was placed into, for unknown reasons. However, years after the incident the man made himself known, acting as a freedom fighter to some and a terrorist to others. Implementing himself as an idea more than a man, the person known as V put his master plan into action, inspiring the peo
:iconservice-smile:Service-Smile 10 7
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Cool Black Witch
Final Details

Who's Cool Black Witch?
Cool Black Witch is a local mysterious witch who got teleported to Earth from her home world and it's unknown who teleport her to earth

What's Cool Black Witch's Past?
It's unknown what's Cool Black Witch's past, and what her actual name is. The reason is when she got to earth, her memories were lost.

Where's Cool Black Witch from?
Cool Black Witch is originally from her home world called "The Pit World". The Pit World is odd world that has a lot of dead trees, pure white skies that full of black slimes, and a very low population, However The Pit World did once have a lot of people and even an civilization but for a mysterious reason, they disappear. Since after Cool Black Witch got teleport to earth, she now lives in a forest that location in Tennessee.

What Cool Black Witch do everyday?
Cool Black Witch spend her days doing Witchcraft and reading books, and she also scroll around at night and poke at humans and sometime miss around in their dreams.

What's Cool Black Witch's personality?
Cool Black Witch is a odd and mysterious but she is very friendly and positive. However this is not her actual personality, her original personality was lost after she got teleported so therefor her true personality is a mystery 

What's Cool Black Witch's favorite things?
Cool Black Witch like magic, books, scrolling, and seduce men, but one thing she love the most is her two familiar: Pit Broom and Pit Ball.

What's Cool Black Witch's least favorite things?
Cool Black Witch hate these three children named "The Pit Children". However she doesn't actually hate those children, she get annoy by them, and the reason is because they want to kill her.

What good about Cool Black Witch?
Cool Black Witch make very good sweaters.

What's the history of Cool Black Witch?
I created Cool Black Witch somewhere around 2016 and her original design is to had more black and white stripes and fair and gray skin. She was suppose to be in the Eureka universe as side character but I decided to give her own universe. 
Happy New Year, Guys!!!

sorry I was late 
Q.1. When did I start drew my characters
I drew them about mid 2014 and they were different in that time. The first two character I made were Sanctuary and Eureka. Sanctuary and Eureka were very different in 2014, Sanctuary was supposed to be a doll running a business and her original name was Lulu or and Eureka was supposed a blond boy who work with Sanctuary. I drew more character in 2014, I drew Ika and Lumpkin and their designs look the same today and her personality were very different back then. They were other 2 character I drew but I didn't give them names or personalities and I don't know if I had these characters

Q.2 How often do I draw my characters
I draw my characters everyday. I used draw only Sanctuary and her friends back then but since I created more characters, I only focus on the characters I created.

Q.3 How many characters I do I have?
I created a lot of characters and I really don't know how many I have.

Q.4 Do my character have background stories or something
Most my characters have background stories but I only focus on Eureka, Sanctuary, and Millna's. So here's their stories (I'm going make short and please don't steal my stories):

Eureka is a weird boy who found a crystal that lead him to a magical world called Nabahrim. There, he meet Akyloo and she chose him to became a Sanctlord and vow to protect Nabahrim for the evil Mananka and the Zon Minions.

Sanctuary is a fairy who live in fairy dimension but she flee to earth after she about to be execute by her king. On earth, she was found by the US army and she was force to fight in Panama war. After Panama, she live among with humans and tried to live a normal life.

Millna is a demon girl who ran away for her father after an argument they got into. She arrived on earth in late 90s and she tried to live in new normal life away for her father, but she have to deal with demons and angels who want to kill her since she's the daughter of a demon king.
(Edited: I had to removed the fifth question for a weird reason, so the fourth question is the last question)


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Samuel Rocha
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
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I drew a lot of characters and I'm not sure what to do with them so I decide to show them to you guys. Hope you like them.

Also I draw artworks. Some of them are color but most of them are actually black and white.



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