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For personal project :)
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Awesome art! Looks like been through hell and back...
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Love the expression on her face !
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Thanks!! Actually this is the same character as here, Black Dress by Sanchiko

but really matured. As I mentioned before, she intended to be 16-18 years old at this "old-school" painting :) Well I failed that task :D
On "Control" painting she intended to be like 27-30 years old super matured intellegent semi-cyborg who doesn't give a damn about everything, exept her goals :D
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Yeah, I could tell they looked alike :D
You did not fail, she just looks older than she is. Some girls do.
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The monochrome works well with the textures!
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Awesome! Do you do requests?
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Thanks! :D
Yes, but right now Im pretty busy with work :(
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Just curious; does she have a name?
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Yes, her name is Victoria Pavlichenko, and she was born and raised somewhere in Siberia, on territory of former Russian Federation. Her parents were very smart, intellegent, rich scientist who were very interested in...hmm lets say they were obsessed with the idea of creation of a perfect human-being, perfect scientist, perfect warrior, so they used their naturally very talented daughter for their experiments. It was ended very bad (for them), the result of their paranoidal and insanely cruel and dreadful experiments was a cyborg who at some point started to loose her mind and control over her emotions, because she was just a 16 years old girl after all. Psychologically, she was completely broken, because she forced to be a war machine mostly, so she killed her parents in "creative" manner and began her way as one of the dangerous and intellegent mercenaries on the planet. That was a brief story of this character, I will upload more content from this universe soon! ;) (Wink) 
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I like that backstory !
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Hah, more to come! ;)
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