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4 Obvious Bleach Facts Meme

I made this cause I was bored and quite surprised myself. Here are FOUR obvious Bleach facts that may surprise you. lol

I used this as a guide to make this: [link]

Oh btw, this is one of the rare images where I traced the characters. ^_^'
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spoiler kaien and ichigo are  related ishinn's last name is actually shiba kurosaki is actually his masakis  family name not ishhin he just adopted it
In one of the episodes buyakuya says that ichigo looks like kaien
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lol i wuz so weirded out when i found out Ichigo is strawberry in japanese xD
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That's cool, It's hard to believe Ichigo's only fifteen. I thought he was like 18 at first.
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Those first two irritated me when I started rewatching it.
They emphasise "I am 15 D:" so much. Plus don't look or act it >.>
And then they did change the way they draw Ichigo. And also Rukia. Through about series 10 or so... On top of the change there already.
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nice :D i always forgot that ichigo is 15 :( but isn't he 16 now? didn't he had a birthday minwhlie?
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Yeah, during the time when Ichigo was trying to save Rukia from execution he turned 16. Pretty crappy 16th birthday if you ask me :D
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and now he is 17? or maybe 18 already?
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fuck. i'm older than him :/ (and probably the half of fans too)
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