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Foresnapps Hybrid Bust

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A quick little doodle of an RP version of Foresnapps.

Name: Foresnapps, called "Force"

Age: 5, looks about 20

Race: Unnamed alien species

Gender: Technically male, but (Warning, NSFW) alien anatomy is weird.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lb because tail.

Build: Let's just say he's cut.

Eyes: Bluish silver with no visible pupils or whites; highly reflective

Skin: Snow-white, luminescent in daylight. His spikes, tail tip/pod, and brow markings are jet black

Hair: None, but he retains his headspikes for a sort of "mohawk" appearance

Distinguishing features: Oddly-shaped muzzlebeak... thing... for a face, with three nostrils. Long tail about 2/3 of his body length with a flowerpod-like spore emitter. Digitigrade stance, three digits on each hand/foot (two fingers and thumb, and only two toes touch the ground with the inner toe higher up, kinda of like an ostrich). Fingers and toes are long and thin, and very delicate and sensitive, with no external claws, though the tips have a very hard callus layer beneath the skin where nails should be, and serve the same purpose. No teeth. Dark blue/navy colored tongue is pointed at the tip, like a bird

Wardrobe: Long-sleeved shirt that covers halfway over his hands, somewhat low neckline; white with a logo on it (I have yet to figure out what this logo is). Black jeans that cover over his feet until about halfway down, waist is cut down the back a little for his tail to fit comfortably; leather straps were sewn in a way to go over the tail when worn to prevent his pants from falling off. No shoes, but wraps his hands and feet with bandages

Equipment: More bandages; migraine pills; vitamin powder (like the kind you coat lizards' food with); small, crumbly stones to aid digestion.

Talents: Empath; he can convey his own feelings, as well as those of nearby individuals, to another person, rather than talking. His tail pod emits paralytic spores; the recharge time is incredibly long, so he tries to use it only in emergencies. He can read and write in English, as he was born and raised on Earth (his handwriting is very scripty XD).

Personality: He's not just quiet. He is mute, vocal emissions limited to chirps and croaks, and even then, it's not very useful as he can use images and emotions to show what he wants to. He has a sort of aloof air to him though it's probably aided by his silence more than his actual attitude. He is gentle and delicate when handling things, and can work on sensitive equipment

dA-only notes: He has no wings in this form, and his tail, while it still has the spore pod, no longer has the DNA.... spike thing... let's call it a syringe =P
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I'm such a Star Wars nerd. The first thing I thought was "Hey! That looks like a Kaminoan!"
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Haha! Being not-so-much of a Star Wars fan, I can admit it was not inspired by such =P