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Sentience and Philosophy |Chapter 5 (H.O.t.D)
Before I start this story, I would like to make a quick apology.
I am truly sorry for all that foul language in the previous chapter. In some ways it was unnecessary but I personally did that because I always envisioned the Magician with a fiery temper. Still though, it was rather rude and that one explicit innuendo Magician stated was also uncalled for. Again, I am sorry.
Now, let’s get on with the story…
Chapter 5: Crystals and Mutants
As Goldman grew slightly older, his skin was becoming more pale and as soon as dark circles began to form under his eyes, he began to wear his dark-tinted glasses almost all the time. His voice, over the years, was become more quiet and calm. At first the people around him diagnosed it as sleepiness and weariness, but as more time started to pass, it seemed to not just be that, but the more they talked to him, they started discovering that it was bitterness and hatred. But for what? None of them could figure that out. He spoke with a sharp
:iconsanatanasociety:SanatanaSociety 4 11
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Trying to work on my photography, literature and drawing skills, so my sincere apologies if the anatomy looks extremely weird. Also, I don't really go for realism. I do surreal artwork and art deco.


This has got to be one of the most beautiful photographs that I have ever seen. I love how the artist put a black and white tone on the...

The color on this picture is amazing, it definitely captures the scary jester perfectly! This may be one of the best Dimentio pictures ...



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United States

Hello there, and welcome to my deviantart profile!Love Frame by KmyGraphic
Russian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Armenian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

I do a lot of drawing, photography, and literature on this site and also currently a student in Digital Art and Fiber Art. I am working on incorporating many art styles while keeping to my personal tastes. I no longer do requests to the "wide public" due to pressure and also due to me not doing "fetish art". If you are highly into fetish art and love discussing it, please leave my page immediately. If not, then welcome, stranger! :)

My personality online and in real life are *almost* polar opposites. Online I am kind, talkative, love expressing myself, chatting with people, and like doing online hang-outs. However, in real life, I am none of this (even though I'm still a tolerable person who likes discussing certain topics from here to there). In real life I cannot stand being around groups of people, large gatherings, or just talking unless it's family members. I'm an Aspie Introvert, so it makes sense.

I came on this website to make and submit art, meet new people like me (and different people to get to know different tastes), as well as enjoying as much fan art as I please. I have met some lovely people on this website and have no thoughts on turning around from them soon. Speaking of which, if you talk to me, I will talk to you back. I am very tolerable toward most people. However, even though I may be nice to you does not mean I will "friend" you. I feel like there needs to be a bridge built between me and you before something like that can happen. The people I list as friends are people I have gotten to know very well and have had close connections with...and well as interesting conversations and sharing art with each other. I will happily make new friends and am easy to please. Yes, I do have a fiery temper, but I try not to lash out. Don't worry, I won't bite. ;)


I'm a nerd and weirdo who does my own thing and does not let people boss me around. I love reading as well as playing a bunch of retro video games with a glass of Cream Soda or Lemonade (both are drinks of the my opinion). I also like being active on Goodreads and DeviantArt...especially the latter. I now run my own fan group as well as exploring the different art styles that DeviantArt has to offer. Off the Internet I run a small Satin Angora rabbitry, grow a bunch of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and trees. Offline I also still do a lot of drawing as well as coming up with ways to raise a better garden only to become quite lazy and play video game instead (I do love my games).

On a serious note though, I do love the outdoors as long as it's away from people. The sound of silence is the most underrated thing and there is so much you DON'T HEAR until you really listen. I love the acreage we are able to get (we live in a city that is NOT known for yards). I live in a Farming neighborhood Community and am able to experience the great outdoors without the sound of the city being a big distraction for me.

So that is a little about myself and what I do on DeviantArt. I've rambled on for quite a bit so I'll stop and let you continue browsing. I hope we can soon meet again, stranger. :wave:

NOTE: I don't associate with politics or religion on Deviantart. If you come onto my profile and comment something political, I'm deleting the comment. I don't talk about politics online. Just wanted to clear that up. I'm a pagan atheist, nothing more to be said.

:icongangsterlovin: :iconmultifreak99: :iconyoulittlemonkey: :iconnikonfinest: :icon8ad4lpha: :iconthestarxvii: :iconmutitus: :iconsapphire-the-emperor: :iconalathraios:

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Hey there! :wave: Just wanted to let you know that I, other than just like ten minutes ago, haven't been posting too much art. The reason for this is because I've been trying to work on my art style before I submit something. The two art styles I love the most are "Surreal" and "Portraits”。I have been trying to improve on both of these art styles and genres, which also includes fanart as well.

I have now been taking like an hour or two out of my day to work on my art, and so far it has been a lovely experience。Surrealism in my opinion is actually not that easy to do, so I've been having to consult ahem, Salvador Dali and Max Ernst to come and help me with it.

So, just clarifying all this. I'm still active in answering messages and chatting and all that stuff, but art submissions from me have been getting slimmer。Also, this journal entry looks so messed up because I had to configure my computer to Japanese in order to be able to complete my online classes. I signed up to take Japanese and it's been a lot of memorizing! Not as hard as Chinese, though.

Ugh, it's getting messed up. I'm gonna have to leave the entry like this.

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Hey, I think that the Magician fan club should make a Cut Content for all the House of the Dead games like what was originally suppose to be in the game or what levels are originally design something like that
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Would it be portrayed in art? because it's one of our rules that we don't post stock imagery or content that basically isn't art or literature to our group.
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I guess
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Hey I found some interesting info about Sophie Richards Tom Rogans wife

In the early developing period Sophie was originally named Carole and was originally a first female villian another idea that Sophie(Carole) was a boss fight in The House of the Dead 2
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