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     Anticipation strangled her, her heart thundered in her chest as she stared transfixed by the gate. The blinding light burned tears from her eyes even while Jackson's blood stained the ground beneath her feet. Fingers tightened white-knuckle against the book and she began to turn away – she could not risk capture. With heavy breaths choking back the need to cry over someone destined to die, Kaylin put her back to the portal and began to run down the hill.
     "Kaylin!" A voice familiar in the way of recurring dreams called out after her. It made her stumble, trip and she felt her shoulder burn with the impact three milliseconds before she actually hit the ground. Something broke. She screamed but she did not dare let go of the book. This was not a good start to that one chance.
     "Kaylin!" the voice called a second time, growing closer as Jackson rushed down the hill. Relief poured through her; he w
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...trapped here with only
......... heartbeat
.......skip million miles from
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Chapter 2 point 1
Thump. “Umph.” The figure on the floor stirred, still waking from the deep sleep that had consumed her mere moments before. Hoverbeds were still a new technology, but all the research had been done to ensure that they would not randomly cease function while they were supporting an occupant. Names of lawyers were flashing into her mind, scrolled through by the index chip that logged possibly useful advertisements.
“Stop, stop,” she ordered the program, rubbing at her eyes as she finally sat up. Her back popped, she winced. The chip settled into a low buzz that was easily pushed back into her subconscious; her head throbbed enough without the index chirping its opinion. She relished the silence and took several long breaths before she rolled to her feet.
“Good morning, Alex.”
Her body reacted before her mind could catch up – two parts instinct, one part fear— as she spun and lowered herself into a defensive brawling stance. Self defense training wa
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Nano-novel - Chapter One
Chapter One
The dark apartment was littered with discarded piles of clothes; a pizza box and quartet of empty soda cans set on the two-burner stove, junk mail strewn haphazardly across the what meager counter space was available. Then there was the ever present, distinct scent of funk made by trash that should have been taken out days ago mixed with old sweaty socks that were getting crispy. The green carpet was stained in places, matted down with constant wear. It would have been lush if the occupant had bothered to vacuum even once.
The small studio was his, though, dimly lit by the flickering of a single computer monitor planted on a low desk converted from a coffee table nested into a corner. Kiel was, as always, folded into the corner between table and walls. There was the slow and faint ‘drip drip’ sound of the nutri-line embedded via a series of tubes and catheters into the veins of his arm. He was still, looking like no more than a corpse with his sunken eyes and grea
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Aketzyl - Prologue
In the beginning there was only the Creator who made the universe and all its stars. The Creator counted what He had made, and when He grew bored, the Creator made the Gods.
There were five Children of the Creator, and each created a world that would be their home. In time, the Gods saw their stagnant worlds and thought to use them to impress one another. Barok, the eldest of the Gods, turned his world into one of fire and molten rock which burned and exploded ceaselessly. Vilora, the only Goddess, had chosen to make a world of shiny gems and precious metals that captured the lights of the stars and shone brighter than all. Anit, a free spirited and well natured God, created his world of winds that both whispered and raged around a core of stillness. Mehu, the most fickle of the Gods, created his world of ice and oceans, that poured rain endlessly from darkened skies.
But there were five Gods, and it was the youngest Marik that hid his world from the others. The four elder God
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     Ka-tink, tink…
     “Thank you,” his quiet words drift mechanically from the shadows his blonde hair has cast over his face. He watches the tips of her brown boots exposed by the lace-hemmed skirt of his benefactor dancing on a slight breeze that picks up little bits of rubbish and sends them skittering along the floor. So many others just tip and leave, throwing out change to a beggar. She stayed, though, listening for his next song.
     He closes his eyes, he always closes his eyes as he plays. The chords dance under his fingers without practice, without words. It was so natural to him, as natural as the sun burns away the snow to make the rain clouds that blot out the skies. The notes are soft, melancholy. So many passersby would think this a song of love lost, and in a way it is. It is no woman that he has lost, though. It is a world that is slowly being consumed by the future.
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Sarah 2
I'd been hired by a rich man for a multi person job.  I worked alone, but he paid extra. I was waiting in the hotel room that had been the designated point. I sat in the windowsill cleaning my nine mil, every once in a while I'd look out the window to watch the people walking by. I saw her enter the hotel. My skin went cold at the thought that I'd work with her. It was just coincidence, right?
I reassembled my weapon before I slid out of the window. If, by some remote possibility, I was going to be working with her, then I would know in the next few moments.
The door lock clicked.
"Fuck." I whispered and slammed the magazine into the gun. I had it aimed at approximately chest level when the door opened all the way.
It was her, without her rabbit ears.
She laughed nervously. "You won't shoot."
When I pulled the slide back, chambering a round, her eyes widened with shock.
"You don't do personal jobs, remember?" She whispered almost desperately.  I don't, but I'm alrea
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and there you were
taking your
vanilla coke
through a straw up your nose
perfect - white sunshine
on your
black - rainy day
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what she is
"What we are dealing with is a military model hybrid, version 7.43 beta, with fully integrated weapons system and remote access to the Worldnet. This model is virtually indestructible, constructed from the cleanest alloys that have been micro-integrated into its physiology. Its neural net surpasses even the natural neurological systems, sending information at a rate that is two to three tames faster than the average human's. It is capable of conducting extended activities at this accelerated rate. Its motor skills are highly tuned, again superior to human skills. Fine dextral activities can be conducted at its top speeds.
"The firewalls innate in the net sectors are phenomenal. Worked on by our most intelligent and sophisticated programmers, this firewall is impenetrable even to them. The project was worked on jointly by the group, and the individual pieces fused together to create a near perfect security system. It has high speed access to the world's inter, intra, and exter nets. ((E
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