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Does punishment mean rape?
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Based on the image and text, I think we all know where this is going.

I don't think it's rape, it's more of a "I've been a naughty girl, punish me" thing, I think.

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oh? Please tell me your thought and explain it.

Well, in the first panel, Luna is obviously reading a book on lesbian sex, not just shown by the thought bubble with her and Zora together but the 2 female gender signs on the cover with one of the signs put through the other's loop. While it can mean violence, punish is also a porn term, as I said with the naughty girl joke, something like sex or spanking. Also, the ~ after Zora's words in the last panel is something that's used in nsfw literature for flirty language and "My love~", to me makes me think the punishment isn't rape, more so either kinky stuff like spanking or consensual intercourse.

Wait, were you being sarcastic? Damn it, now I sound like I'm explaining a comic strip "Pipe Strip"

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well, sir, I'm not being sarcastic. I just been interest about it.

Oh, sorry for the question.

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It's alright, my homie. Sometimes it's just work that way on either the internet or reality. Anyway, it's time for me to sleep, I'm actually in Beijing, China.

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The girls like the play... hopefully the little Kirlia doesn't have to get involved XD
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