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Pint-sized Pirate Lineart

By Sanaril
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This one gave me a headache.....

The lineart for the pirate melee pic colored so wonderfully by Jimmy (aka Monkeyseed):

Done in blue col erase with pencil over top (and all horrendously sloppy mistakes erased forever in PS, yay!)
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Love this!!!! Such fun. Do you ink in PS?
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Faved for the parrots and the pissed off little guy who's been stuck with the cleaning up.
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I have to say that I love this so much with all it's insanity... :heart: :D
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absolutely talented
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reminds me of ';Pirates of the Caribbean'
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OMG that's freakin' amazing! XDDD I love it! I wish I could do something so detailed o.O; just WOW! <3
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I'll tell you the same thing I posted at the color version... love the guy swabbing the deck, but my favorite is the dude laughing at the pirate after stealing his peg-leg. Monkeyseed does an amazing job on coloring each piece, but I still see this work as your masterpiece because it takes a very creative (yet twisted ;) ) mind to draw this to begin with.

One question though... what's going on in the bottom right on the far side of the ship in the colored version? An explosion?
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canon malfunction :D Every peice needs a good explosion :)
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sounds good to me :-D
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Good Gravy! Have you ever played the game WORMS? It's a great game where you control a group of tiny worm characters and try to kill another group of worms controlled by the computer or another player with bombs, missles, air strikes, etc. The way you draw the eyes and the wonky body types reminds me so much of the artwork the company uses for their package designs and game interface. GREAT PIECE! I'll definitely be faving! I like the colored version by monkeyseed but it's better to see the original linework and just get lost in all those little black lines. Neat! Keep em' coming!
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I'd never heard of it until we started posting these... played lemmings though. Are they in any way alike?
And yes, Jimmy's coloring really makes the piece (there now, hopefully he won't read this and have it go to his head :) )
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Imagine the Lemmings game, but instead of just trying to get them to a door with nifty gadgets and not dying, you are trying to stay alive by killing all the other lemmings with big cannons and exploding sheep, etc. Funny animation and the original was only a side-scroller game just like Lemmings. If you want to try looking up the game type Worms and Team 17 (the production company that manufactures the game) on Google or other search engines. I think they even versions of the game now on PS2 and XBOX but they have now advanced into a 3-D realm which in my opinion is not as much fun as the old classic side-scroller.
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I can't believe this hasn't more favourites... I found this through monkeyseed's gallery. This is absolutely fantastic! I can see why you got a headache! anyway, you have a great humour, and i will try to fit you in my next journal plugins! again, incredible detail! keep it up!
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awwwwww.. your so sweet! Yes Jimmy (monkeyseed) gets all the attention. :( lol. But he does color so nicely...
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he does! but I think he should try to stick your avatar in his artist's comment, because it catches the eye faster for those who don't know he didn't do the lineart! Otherwise, he is indeed an incredible colorist, he he must have had a lot of patience to do this one! You deserve more attention... I'm not very popular, but I'll do my best!
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ah, you know what... I don't think he knows how to do that, and neither do I. Haven't figured that one out yet...
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So you're the one who draws these? They're fantastic!
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I liiiiiiiiiiike XD So...hectic. So chaotic! However, I must agree that drawing something like this would be a pain....
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Gaaaahh! How many pirates are there!!? That's sure a lot of activity to think up.
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DUUUUUUUDE this is so cool. this is the coolest thing i've seen all day. I like the one kicking the tooth out of the guy who's trying to get on. great job.
So much detail and presision you are amazing.
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