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Since all my deviations are for icons/brushes, I thought I'd show some of my work and what you can do with those brushes and textures :D

New icons added May 2nd. As you can see, I'm on a serious coloring spree lately. There are also some icons where I used my latest textures.


These are for use on Livejournal only. You can take them, but please credit.

GIMP brushes
If you're a GIMP user: you can find a lot of my brushes in .gbr format HERE at  the LJ community pstogimpbrushes, converted by jayneaintagirl.
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i love the new icons those are great
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I love all of your icons. Thanks for that link to that LJ community. I just joined.
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Thank you ^__^
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I love them all. Your style rocks!
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Oh my, I lol'd so bad at the orly? one. XDDD
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Hehe, it won 1st place at starwars_stills :)
I's one of my favourites, I use it frequently XD.
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Lovely! Yes, I have been on your lj site ;) actually, that's where I found you from.. lol..
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Thanks! Glad you found fangirls_inc :D
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very nice. i like the 4th and 5th ones best! But they are all beautiful!! :)
Truely beautiful.
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