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Not So Little Manhattan Ch.4
Schoool couldn't end fast enough. I just wanted to get to that park! I mean, I needed to know why she was here...
When the last bell rang, I was the first one out of my seat. I ran to my locker, dropped off my school stuff and grabbed
my board. Just as I was heading towards the front doors, I was stopped by the principal.
"Where do u think you're going, Mr.Burton?" He asked.
"Uh, home?"
"I don't think so." He pointed towards his office. Crap.
I followed him to his office and sat in front of his desk, wondering what I did to deserve this. I should be at the park
with Rosemary RIGHT NOW.
"Um, so did I do something wrong?" I asked.
He just laughed, like he assumed I knew exactly why I was here.
"I'd say so." He said, adding, "Are you feeling better?"
"Excuse me?"
"Well you weren't at school for first period, so I assume you must've been sick."
So that's what this is about... Damn it.
"Oh, that... Sorry I slept in."
"Yes I'm sure. And you just happened to wake up in time to be here when th
:iconsanaboo96:sanaboo96 1 2
Not So Little Manhattan Ch.3
I didn't know what to say to Rosemary. I just stood there for a sec, staring at her, speachless. Thankfully, I was saved by
the bell. English class was starting.
Rosemary just smiled at me and said "Well... I'll see ya around."
"Uh, yeah... see ya." I managed to spit out.
We all took out seats as the teacher walked in. Rosemary say 2 seats ahead of my, so she was in the front row. That didn't
surprise me. She was always very smart.
"Good morning class." Mr. Morgan said. "Hope everyone one had a great holiday. Can anyone tell me where we left off bef..."
I think he said more but I wasn't paying attention. My mind was going a million miles an hour. What the hell was she doing
here? I thought she lived in L.A now! Of all the school's in Manhattan... How was I supposed to concentrate on school,
sports, a schollarship, and having the best senior year if she was gonna be here alllll year?!
"Gabe, are u paying attention to the lesson?" Mr.Morgan said, snapping me from my thoughts.
"Umm... yes
:iconsanaboo96:sanaboo96 1 0
Little Manhattan Ch.2
I woke up to my alarm going off. 6:30am... lovely. I groaned and got up to shut off the alarm.It was the first day back to
school after Christmas break. I took a shower and got ready for school, grabbed some breakfast, then headed for the door.
My mom stopped me on the way out.
"Remember to walk to your dad's after school. I'm leaving this afternoon for vegas with the girls. You have your key if you
need in the house, but don't be here if you don't need to. I'll be home in 3 weeks." Mom said.
"Yes mom, I know. You've only told me a million times already." I sighed.
See, when I was 11, after my parents finallized their divorce, my mom and her friends went to Los Vegas to celebrate her
new single status. They had so much fun aparently, that they've made it a yearly thing. So for 3 weeks every year, I stay
with my dad. which I can't really complain about. I mean, it gives us time to do guy stuff and not get yelled at by mom. ;)
I grabbed my longboard and rode off to school. I was met at t
:iconsanaboo96:sanaboo96 1 0
Little Manhattan Ch1
My name is Gabe. I live with my mom in Manhattan, New York. You might remember me from the story of my first love... or as
I prefer to call it, my first heartbreak. Well let me just start by saying I'm not the same kid I was back then.
First of all, I'm not 10 anymore.I'm 17 now. I haven't seen Rosemary in 7 years, since she left the city for camp. She
never came back. Turns out her parents had been workin on a new soap drama and they decided to film it in L.A. They moved
there. Whatever, I mean it's not like I didn't see something like that coming. We both knew it ( whatever "It" was) had to
end. But it didn't make it hurt any less...
After a while though, the hurt did start to fade. It just wasn't worth it to hang on. I had to let go. So I did. I got back
to sports and friends. Focused on "The Prize" as dad says. My dad and I still went to the park and practiced my kicks.
Thanks to all that practice and focus, I'm now the star player on my school's football and basketball team, which
:iconsanaboo96:sanaboo96 2 0
E.H.B Orignal Photo by sanaboo96 E.H.B Orignal Photo :iconsanaboo96:sanaboo96 0 0


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I got my first request :) thank u to the requester lol to anyone who happens to like my photo editing, first of all thank u, and also, just send me ur request or the the link to a certain pic u want me to edit and i'll see what i can do :) again thank u so much
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