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EDIT: After unpacking and gathering my thoughts and calming down and all after camp, which by the way was AMAZING, I finally got around to finishing this. I fixed all the kinks and everything, so now he has two back legs and an elbow, and an eye actually behind his muzzle now. :XD:


If you don't have the Cocoppa app, get it NOW. [link]

It's actually really cool! You can edit the icon of your apps, wallpapers, and stamps on your iPhone or Android to whatever you want them to be and just personalize everything about your homescreen. It really is a great app.

Try it out! :nod:


Description! :D

Anyway, I was looking up Lion King icons in the app, because you know, Lion King fanatic here, and found only one.


And it made me mad. And sad. So I made this one with Simba for Facebook to help me feel better. :)

I think I'm gonna do a series of these with all the TLK canon and semi-canon characters for other popular apps, so be watching out for those! ;)

I might do some editing on this again when I get back from camp at the end of this week. A couple things are bothering me about this. The eye linework and the back leg that seems to be missing and the invisible elbow...

Yeah, I'm gonna fix that.

Well, for now enjoy Simba hugging Facebook! :D
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I like the Facebook icon, being held by young Simba!

It'd be cool if Facebook'll notice that and probably use it as their icon or whatever.