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to the future~!
Current Residence: Denmark, momentarily :(
Personal Quote: Not taking request, art trades, nor commissions!
I kept putting this journal off "for later", over and over. First thought that I could write a journal for Christmas... then New Years instead, to wish everyone a Happy 2009, but forgot again/was busy/put it off, for later. X3; I've had an increase in notes and mails, asking if I'm okay and if everything is fine, so I figured I should really stop putting it off.

I'm perfectly fine, thank you and sorry for the concern. But I've decided to take things a bit more "offline", to focus a bit more on job, career and future. This doesn't mean that I am gone. Just that I will be busy for a little while to work on things (so there won't be a lot of activity from me but I will still be around).

Some of you noticed and inquired about some of my pictures gone missing from my gallery a while back. This was actually the beginning of this. I figured, if I was going to go more "offline" I should put my pictures in the "Deviant Art Storage"since I thought that I wouldn't be able to keep up with dA comments on them. I later figured that it wouldn't really be that much of an issue, as I could probably find time to go through them all, at last once or twice a week. So I'm unloading all my pictures from the "Storage", now that I finally got into making a journal entry. X3

I'm not gone for good, no worries. ;3
All depending on how things pick up, I might get back to posting more here. But in the mean time, I will still be checking my dA notes and message as well my e-mail, so feel free to contact me, if you'd like.

Sorry again for the long absense!
But haha, be-lated Merry Christmas and Happy 2009 to all!

Be seeing ya~! ;3


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HarukoKisaragi Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Daniel, could you make some videos or link to guides which you use to make animation?
atreidae Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018
Got the sudden urge to track this guy down from my younger days... what could I remember most.. hos website and TweenMotions.swf. Best of luck with your future endevours mate
IVOanimations Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018   Digital Artist
Hey Daniel! i remember you made a website called San's Web Blast on FurNation while back in 1999 or early 2000s and you have some old works on there and it was very damn awesome and you had an hentai section of your page and you have some intense games and flash videos and all that, man i love your website!

and now... it's gone and disappeared, but and your very old stuff was gone and i found your site on google and your files were still missing but i can still see it from web archive for somehow.

and when i was 21 years old i finally found out where your from before you made your deviantART with your very first deviation you submitted "Carol-Ann - SWB02", and i've seen it on the header of your website and it was damn great though, and i've seen it on archive too and some files were missing by that time and also, in my future times, i still care about your newest arts and animations.

OH and especially you have a youtube channel and you made Touhou Fanimation Cartoons and you were getting much better with your animation skills, and your talents for all your fellow people, and man... i really wish you were back on deviantART and your web page in the future...

welp... i think that is it! hope you have a nice day over here and see you in the future! <3

~Nano Sico (IVOanimations)
thanh200110 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
for anyone who wants to know where he's at…  
he is a touhou fan now , yes.
thetalkingthing Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
ally is gone.
Fewroth Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018
What do you mean gone? D:
her account was deactivated
Fewroth Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Oh, does she have any others? 
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thetalkingthing Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
he is moved to youtube
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