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Hello out there ♥

I would be so happy if you just take a look
sketchblog of :iconsabrizzo: and meh!

Thanks a lot lot lot ♥
... and welcome 2011 ♥ :iconcutehiplz:

I hope i'll take more time for drawing~
Schook, work ... it isn't very easy to find time for doing things which i like *sigh* ...
but i really want to do more for myself! Drawing, reading and maybe some cosplays >___<"...
  • Watching: Hancock
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts - Birth by sleep
  • Drinking: Tea
  • Listening to: Radio
  • Drinking: Water
T h a n k Y o u S o M u c h
f o r
1 0 0
w a t c h e r s !

  • Reading: The Wishlist
  • Watching: Chuck and Larry
  • Playing: Soulsilver &amp;#9829;
  • Drinking: Water
stolen from :iconkawaiikumo:

► Are you single? no (:
► Are you happy? mhm, i think i should be happy xD
► Are you bored? sometimes :/
► Are you sad? sometimes ^^°
► Are you Italian? no ôo
► Are you German? yeah (:
► Are you Asian? no
► Are you angry? of course not O_O
► Are you Irish? noo
► Are your parents still married? yes yes

► Birth place? germany~ north rhine westfalia :P
► Hair color? blonde
► Hair style? atm short
► Eye color? bluee
► Birthday? 15.10.1988
► Mood? tired~
► Gender? feeemale
► Lefty or righty? righty :3
► Morning or afternoon? mhmm.. i think morning~ because i think i'm more productive at that time |D

► Are you in love? yes |D always
► Do you believe in love at first sight? mhm.. no ^^°
► Who ended your last relationship? me xD"
► Have you ever been hurt? oh yes >_>
► Have you ever broken someone’s heart? mhm i dunno~ i hope i haven't
► Are you friends with your ex? not really
► Are you afraid of commitment? no ^^
► Have you hugged someone within the last week? no X_X.. because of too much work i hadn't time to see my boyfriend >o<"
► Have you ever had a secret admirer? long time ago xDDD"... oh my
► Have you ever broken your own heart? ehh... does that work?

► Love or lust? both ;)
► Lemonade or iced tea? lemonade |D
► Cats or dogs? DOGS! Definetly dogs! Cats are strange xD"
► A few best friends or many regular friends? a few best friends ^^
► Television or Internet? Internet <3 <3
► Pepsi or Coke? i rarely drink cola... but both is okay
► Wild night out or romantic night in? romantic night in xD"...
► Pink or purple? purple *_*
► Day or night? day ^^
► IM/ICQ or phone? ICQ and msn and sms

► Been caught sneaking out? no ôo
► Fallen off the stairs? yes x.X
► White-water rafted? xD
► Finished an entire jawbreaker? what? xD sorry
► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? yes yes yes..
► Prank called a store? no !
► Skipped school? No !
► Wanted to disappear? sometimes...

► Smile or eyes? eyes :3
► Light or dark hair? Dark hair *___*" rawr!
► Fat or skinny? not fat and not skinny... something between them xD"
► Shorter or taller? shorter
► Intelligence or attraction? both would be perfect~ but i think intelligence is attractive (:
► Jock or nerd? what xD
► Hook-up or relationship? Relationship!
► Funny and poor OR rich and serious? funny and rich xD... sorry
► Play the guitar or into sports? sports? long time ago >_>... bad..very bad!

► Last phone call/text? With my boyfriend.
► Last phone call you received? "
► Last person you hung out with? colleagues~
► Last person you hugged? boyfriend.
► Last person you (IM'ed)ICQ'ed xD? :iconsabrizzo:
► Last thing you ate? fried noodles à la mama xD
► Last thing you drank? water ._.
► Last site you went to? , meinvz, dA, google~
► Last place you were? eh... bathroom |D

► Are you in a committed relationship? yes yes!
► Do you want to be? -
► When was your last relationship? long long ago xD
► Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? Yes.
► Do you still love them? Yes.
► Do you like someone right now? Yes.

► Do you and your family get along? yeah~
► Would you say you have a "fucked up life"? sometimes :/ but i think i should be more positive xD".. it isn't THAT bad xD
► Have you ever run away from home? no xD i'm a scaredy-cat
► If so, how long? -
► Have you ever gotten kicked out? NO ! Ô.o
► If so, how long? -

► Do you secretly hate one of your friends? No xD... why should i?
► Do you consider all of your friends good friends? mhm i think so xD
► Do you trust all your friends? y-yes
► Who are/is your best friend(s)? mhm my boyfriend ... and :iconaijato: but she's far away T_T~ i don't have a best friend around me T_T
► Would you die for them? mhm i don't wanna die T___T" but i couldn't live without my boyfriend !
► Who knows everything about you? Boyfriend~
  • Reading: The Host
  • Watching: TV
well.. now it's sunday evening. my last holiday week i spent with lying ill in my bed >_>...
tomorrow i have to go to school... i hope i can manage that T_T .... the worst thing is, that i'm going to write an english test tomorrow >__>... that's shitty ...
an other aspect is, that there is snow everywhere! i hope i'll get my train tomorrow ... >___<... argh... i'm scared!

good night, good night~
  • Reading: The Host
  • Watching: TV
I'm ill .... i dunno what i should say ...
new year, but being ill on holiday is horrible!
  • Reading: The Host
  • Watching: comedy... but i can't laugh
  • Eating: nothing ... i wish i could eat a big fat pizza!
  • Drinking: tea tea tea....
mhm, since school is over it's hard for me to write in english :/ ... i have to practise!

Ah last week i watched twilight *___* ... awesome!!! normally i hate stories about vampires... soo boring .. drinking blood.. and so on .. *yaaawn* .. but twilight was different! it was so cute <3... i wanna read the books!!!! maybe in english? >D

mhm i'm bored right now. tomorrow i haven't to work because i worked on saturday and sunday :/ ...
tomorrow i will do NOTHING! xDD... well i'll doall the things which i like <3 .. drawing...reading.. playing ds... sleeping <3 .. wonderful!

:heart::heart:~and so the lion fell in love with the lamb~:heart::heart:
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: some german shit xD
  • Playing: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness
  • Drinking: Waaaateeerrrr
Hello out there,

merry christmas to all of you and many presents and so on ..

I'm very tired right now because i had to work today. :yawn:
My back hurts and i'm feeling that i'll fall a sleep in the next few minutes. :sleepy:

Of course i love christmas, but it's "the same procedure as every year". My mum is sooo stressed ... everyone in this house is hurrying from here to there: making dinner, clean up everything and so on.. :blahblah: and me? i'm tired xD"... :yawn:

my boyfriend will come later, than we'll exchange our presents and on the evening we are with our families.

I'm very sad that i haven't got time for drawing. I just wanna sit here, draw something and listen to some music... but nooooo.... i have to help and i have to go out with the dog ... ~_~

soo, i'm going to have a nap right now.. !!

  • Listening to: Radio.. lalala
  • Eating: HUNGRY O_O
  • Drinking: Waaaateeerrrr
Yeah ..erhm xD...
I just want to say that i'm still living and I'm fine |D
Work is good, but i haven't much time for drawing :/

My weekend was also very great <3

Today I ordered Rune Factory for Nintendo DS.. oh's sooo cute <3 Friday it's coming out. I'm so excited! In Japan there is already Rune Factory 2 >____<...

I'm hungry |D
  • Watching: The Simpsons
  • Playing: Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate
Hello out there...
I'm sorry for being lazy...
I visit dA every day!!! but at the moment i feel like i can't draw anymore >_>
...but i won't give up!! Chakka!!! Gotta draw them all xDDD...
Right now i'm drawing a birthday present which take a lot of time @.@...

Do you guys have an idea what i should draw when i've finished the present??

ah i forget to tell!!! i've pokemon diamond <3 i love's so cute xD ..i love love the girl charakter..maybe i'll draw a pokemon fanart?? mhmmm...dunno~

yesterday i had a great evening with my friends! Two of them are going to japan for 4 weeks... awww....i wanna fly with them T__T° was so fun yesterday..we played Super Smash Brothers Brawl!! sooo coool..i definetly want a wii T____T
it's my wish for birthday..or christmas..but i know my parents..they will NEVER buy me one..and my boyfriend??'s too expensive..
well...DS games are will buy some of them. i love my cute ds lite xD

over and out :D

ahhh..important!!!: thank ya so much for ober 2000 pageviews!!!!! i have to work hard ^O^
  • Watching: Olympia
  • Playing: Pokemon Diamond
  • Drinking: Waaateeerrr
i've buyed a Nintendo DS Lite..awww
I'm sooo happy xDD...
i play and play all the time..

Harvest Moon DS

It's the best game for game boy ever!!!

I wanna have hm ds cute..but i don't know if it will come to germany..
there was an other game....i think it was Harvest Moon fot girls..but it never came to germany... >___<
maybe i'll buy hm ds cute in english... i wanna have it >_<
  • Watching: some shit in the tv
  • Playing: Harvest Moon DS
I need a new ID ! ! !

...why do i can't change my mood?? >____<
can someone help me!?!?
  • Drinking: water
Was being so close
and having so much to say
and watching you walk away...

you see..i'm definetly not happy...
my boyfriend is in hospital..for a long time...
i hate it...why did he have to go today!?!? why??
Today we geht our's my's our ball
i have a lovely dress and so on..but he won't see it
it's horrible
on wednesday it's his operation. I can't be with's too far away..
maybe on thursday..i hope his parents will take me with them because i'm not able to drive on my own that long way..*sigh*

Yesterday my boyfriend didn't want to see me..but it's okay..he is afraid of wednesday even if he doesn't show it (that's what men are, right?)

in the afternoon i have to go to the hairdresser ^______^ i will look perfect today evening >w<
maybe i will show you a picture..maybe xD"

why the hell can't i change my mood??!?!?!? I'm definetly NOT happy :'(
omg...i did it...

school is over, for ever!
:star: :winner: :D Baccalaureate 2008 ! ! ! :D :winner: :star:

my grades are good ^___^, well they'are not the best...but what's the matter!?
I REALLY DID IT! My average is 2,8 that's good ..and it's enough to go to a university +g+..maybe i will study??!?

strange thought... i never have to go to school again... and there are people who i will never see again...
everyone goes his way... It makes me a bit sentimental, but not yet =) i want to celebrate :D

on the 23th june we have our final ball and we get our certificates.

I'm so glad that i don't have to go into an oral review!!!!!!!!!!!!


what do you want me to draw?
I'll draw anything you want xDDDDDD
  • Listening to: the bird singing xD
  • Reading: philosophy books
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Neopets xDD
  • Eating: Sushi =)
  • Drinking: water
yeah, I'm still living =)

The weather is awesome!!! Sun, blue sky, warm (hot oO), little bit windy..aww
that's unusual for germany xDDD...

What I'm doing at the moment:
Lying in the sun...and... l e a r n i n g
>_< hate it... but that will be my last examination !! (15.5.)
I'm very nervous..i have to learn much more... but there isn't much time left..
(by the way, the subject is philosophy and it'll be an oral examination...*gulp* X.x)

i'm sorry that i'm not drawind at the moment, i wish i could...
buuut... i have already purchased new copic markers!!!! yaay....
freetime i'm coming xD

ahhh btw
I've started to play neopets again xDDD (even if i have to learn...but mini games make a lot of fun ^^)
my name there is chibi_naru88 account is very old (4 years) xD but i have a lot of nps =)...
  • Listening to: nothing, because of honey watching football
  • Reading: NOTHING! i'll burn my school books xD
  • Watching: Football -.- because honey is watching it
  • Playing: KH CoM .. T_T argh..difficult
  • Eating: nothing but i want chocolate -.-
  • Drinking: water
My examinations are over! :D
ok, there is just one left, but it is in a month... so...i have time..time for myself and drawing ^_^ i need a looot of relaxing time ...hehe

mhm don't know what to say...
ask me xD"

Edit: I have two new DVDs... xD
Happy Feet and Harry Potter - and the order of he phoenix
<3 *luv*
  • Watching: The Simpsons
woaaa...I'm sooo nervous...
tomorrow i'm going to write my first examination for the abitur (i don't know if the word exists in english xDD).... first examination English >____< omg omg
i hope the text won't be too difficult..and of course i hope i will understand the tasks and i hope the topic is a "nice" one xD...
waaah T____T i hate being nervous T_T
i won't be able to sleep that night  xD....

:crazy: woaa....@___@

but... soon it will be over and theeen.... i'll draw thousands of fanarts.. |D

EDIT: I DID IT ... OMG it was soooo easy O___O"..... there where two texts: a speech from tony blair and an extract from a novel.. i have chosen the extract..and the text was very easy o_o... i think i did a good job but i have written so much that i think i made a lot of mistakes..

Friday is my next examination: pedagogy -> mhm i'm not sure... neighter good nor bad..

Now i have to learnmaths... i hate it... i'm so bad in maths...
  • Watching: Avatar - Herr der Elemente xD&quot;
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts CoM (i can't defeat hades -.-)
  • Drinking: water
Well...time is running so fast...
I'm sitting here, and the two holiday weeks are definetly over :(
i'm too emotional... i shouldn't be sad, but i know that the end of school is near.
it's just one week left... and then, we have the examinations...
i have to learn a lot >___<

our last week at school is special xD... because we have a theme for every day, and we have to wear crazy clothes xDD
for example, tomorror it's the "simpsons and heroes of our childhood"-day...
i'll dress like a carebear *laughs*
that'll be very funny xDDDD"

wanna hug my honey...
I MISS YOU :glomp: :cuddle: :smooch: :glomp:
  • Reading: Brave New World -.-....for school
  • Watching: a winetou-film O_O&quot;...honey is watching it
  • Playing: Shot Online
  • Eating: nothing, but I'm hungry ^^&deg;
  • Drinking: water
Sweets...Sweets...Rabbits...Eggs.... That must be Easter <3...I love it
and this year it's special ^^

my parents aren't there, my honey's parents aren't there...our dogs aren't there..
Just my honey and me...
At the moment we are staying at my honeys flat... i weren't here for a long time...but it's great ^^ .. it's wonderful to spend the easter weekend together..and only we two...

we've buyed a lot of sweets and tomorrow we're going to color eggs ^___^ that will be funny xD... because the last time i did it i was 10 or so xD...
maybe i will draw a sora on my egg *rofl* ...

i wish you a nice weekend and a looot of eggs and sweets =)