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Akagami no Shirayukihime - Zen, Obi, Shirayuki by Shumijin Akagami no Shirayukihime - Zen, Obi, Shirayuki :iconshumijin:Shumijin 1,454 123 ANS - Obi X Shirayuki by Shumijin ANS - Obi X Shirayuki :iconshumijin:Shumijin 1,026 163 UCHIHA OBITO by i-azu UCHIHA OBITO :iconi-azu:i-azu 216 35 Toma Render by Rikku923 Toma Render :iconrikku923:Rikku923 242 22 Toma render by Ruby by SpinelNightmare Toma render by Ruby :iconspinelnightmare:SpinelNightmare 67 0 Amnesia: Toma by NatsuPi Amnesia: Toma :iconnatsupi:NatsuPi 114 6
Jealous of What? :: {Makoto Tachibana x Reader}
Ever since you were little you had always been told that green was the color of jealousy but after having known Makoto Tachibana your whole life you weren’t to sure that could be true. When you looked into his green eyes all you could ever see was compassion and unrelenting concern for everyone but himself. In short, Makoto was the most selfless person you knew.
Even when the two of you were little Makoto would go out of his way to share anything he had with you, toys, books, movies, even sharing an ice cream cone or two. You smiled at the memories that invaded your mind your arms clutching the soft fabric of Sham-Sham. You were currently sprawled out on Makoto’s bed waiting for the male to hurry up with his shower so the two of you could meet the rest of the swim club downtown for dinner. You had forgotten how soft Sham-Sham was, Sham-Sham being Makoto’s incredibly large orca plush that he had since you guys were itty-bitty. Out of all the toys Makoto shared with you
:iconsomewheresunday:somewheresunday 1,241 100
Kakashi by Danikatze Kakashi :icondanikatze:Danikatze 96 9
Hidden (Kakashi x Reader)
A smile played along your lips as you stood in front of the living room window, drinking your second cup of coffee. the sound of things being tossed and moved about filled your ears causing your smile to grow more.
Kakashi had been searching the bedroom for twenty minutes now, looking for his beloved book. And he was never going to find it, not this time. It wasn't the first time you had hid that damn book and sadly he always found it, but he wouldn't this time. You found a better hiding place that he would never look.
It was a rare day that the both of you had off together. You wanted to spend the day together since the both of you had been busy lately with training students and missions. Kakashi wanted to spend it with his nose in the book to catch upon his reading. That annoyed you. So when Kakashi was in the shower, you couldn't help but take the book and hide it. He got out of the shower not long after that and got dressed, then when he went to retrieve his book, he found i
:iconmidnightbrunette:MidnightBrunette 222 33
Kakashi x Reader Chapter 2
You put Kakashi’s clothes on and Kakashi was waiting for you downstairs. You went down to him and you heard him smirk a little, so you punched him in the arm, “OW! What was that for?!” You giggled, “Don’t laugh; I can’t help it if you can’t take it when I’m just wearing a towel!” He looked embarrassed now. You sat next to him and yawned, “You tired __?” You nodded, it was like 8pm. Kakashi put a film on the T.V, and you couldn’t help but fall asleep. You fell onto his shoulder and he just smiled at you as you slept away.
You woke up, the time was nope 2pm. You were sitting on the sofa on your own, and the dark always freaked you out. You went searching for Kakashi and thought that he must be upstairs asleep; you didn’t want to bother him so you went to get a drink and made sure you turned on all of the lights when you passed each room. You got your water and turned arund to see Kakashi leaning against the doo
:iconxxshinobi11xx:xXShinobi11Xx 160 59
Kakashi x Reader Chapter 1
You were walking back into Konoha, you had just been on a mission for a week and you were exhausted. You thought about going to get something eat, but really, all you wanted was sleep. As you lazily walked across Konoha’s dirt path, you didn’t notice the man that was heading straight towards you, with his head in some book. Both of you bumped right into each other, knocking you over. “HEY! Watch where you’re!..” You were cut off by a hand that was gestured in front of you. “K-Kakashi?!” You and Kakashi had been friends since ninja school. After Rin died, you were always there for him, even when he was sometimes really grumpy, and he admired you for that. “It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it __?” You grabbed his hand and threw yourself onto him, “How have you been?! It’s been so boring without you!” Kakashi laughed, “Same to you, __!” You hadn’t seen eachother for a few months due to hav
:iconxxshinobi11xx:xXShinobi11Xx 227 32
Tobi X Reader - Writer's Block
“... What’s _______ doing?” You almost jumped out of your skin hearing that instantly recognisable voice from the orange masked man behind you. You scramble to hide the papers you have scattered all over your desk as Tobi watches you, head tilted to the side.
“Nothing!” You yell, but it looks like not even Tobi’s going to accept that answer as he continues to stare at you with childish curiousity.  “... Fine.” You sigh, relieving a little of the tension that you had built up. “If you must know, I was writing a story.” Tobi squeals in delight and starts to ask if he can read it, before you cut him off. “Or at least I would be... I can’t think of anything to write.” You admit, kicking one of the screwed up paper balls littering the floor.
Maybe you’re really not cut out for this artsy stuff, but it still intrigues you. You kind of do want to be a part of what the Akatsuki artists have going on; they
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 65 1
Might As Well Try (Obito x Reader x Kakashi)
Four pair of eyes starred into the distance with the hope of finding just a glimpse of the comrade they had been waiting for. Five minutes passed and the boy didn’t bother to show himself, or even yell out that he was coming. “When would he be ever on time?”sighed Minato sensei. Most of the times you would be bothered that he didn’t show up at time, but today was an exception.
“He would always be late,”argued Kakashi. His black orbs burning with anger. The tone on his voice seemed much more higher than the tone he usually spoke on. Rin immediately glanced at you as if she was asking you to speak up.
“Ka-kakashi?”you stuttered. It was unusual of you to be stuttering beside the boy that had been your best friend since childhood. The silver haired boy and you had quite a story that started the horrific night when the place where you had lived your entire infancy was burned down to ashes. But, that was another story.
His dark orbs soon locked
:iconmaptlv31:Maptlv31 103 16
Destroying the Past. Obito x Reader
       As you walked through the woods just outside of the Leaf Village, you couldn't shake the feeling that you were being followed. The feeling, though a little uncomfortable, didn't scare or worry you in any way, so you paid it little mind. Your concern for this feeling was so small that you managed to ignore it until a large shadow covered your body. Even then, you found yourself at ease. As soon as the shadow had appeared, you heard someone speak. “There you are. I've been looking for you.”
Recognizing the voice in an instant, you turned around to face the shadow. “Obito?” Surprised to see him again, you found yourself at a slight loss for words. It wasn't that you weren't happy to see him, you just had no idea what to say to him. Not wanting to seem rude, you placed a smile on your face and spoke in a friendly tone. “It's nice to see you again, it's been a few weeks already, hasn't it?” Smiling a bit more naturally now, you
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 72 2
Stay. Obito x Reader
         Wide awake, despite the fact that it was nearly three in the morning, you threw off your covers and swung your legs over the side of your bed. You had gone to bed terribly early after returning from a mission the previous day, so it was only natural that you weren't able to sleep through the night. Rising to your feet, you lifted your hands high above your head and stretched. “Well, there's no use laying around in bed if I'm not sleeping anymore.” Full of energy, you rushed through your morning routine, then sat down at a small, desk-like table you kept in your room to draw. As you scribbled messily on your canvas, you started to hum in an attempt to break through the early morning silence. Though you didn't mind the quiet most days, this morning it felt a bit eerie. Just as you started to shake off the uncomfortable feeling, you heard a creaking sound coming from outside your room. Instantly on high alert, you shot out of your seat and sto
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 66 3
Comm. HatakeHime by Sing-sei Comm. HatakeHime :iconsing-sei:Sing-sei 93 12


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