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AlphaBots Week X: J is for Jet Jaguar

By SamWolk
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This powerful robot with the creepy smile is a friend of Godzilla. He appeared in the 1973 film Godzilla vs. Megalon. He was created as a mindless automaton, controlled by the evil Seatopians, then later achieved sentience and helped Godzilla defeat the bad guy monsters, Gigan and Megalon.

His character came about from a contest that Toho held. The studio challenged their fans to imagine a new hero in the vein of the very popular super robot shows of the time. The winning entry was a mix of Ultraman, Spectreman, and Mazinger Z, all beloved contemporary super robots. Initially called Red Alone by its fan creator, its name was changed to Jet Jaguar and slated to star in its own movie.

Toho decided against this plan, fearing that this unknown property wouldn't be able to carry an entire franchise on its own. So instead they put him in a Godzilla film. The Jet Jaguar movie was already in pre-production at the time; the project had to be shut down for several weeks so a screenwriter could rewrite it to include the heroic giant lizard.

Drawn in Manga Studio Debut 4 with a Wacom Intuos 2.
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So much Jet Jaguar art!!! *slams favorite button with a grenade*
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