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AlphaBots Week VII: G is for Geoffrey Peterson

By SamWolk
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Say hello to the most famous of all gay robot skeletons, "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson's sidekick, a constant, mocking reminder of one's mortality, source of ribald humor and impressions, Geoff Peterson!

Every weeknight at 12:30 AM Eastern Time on CBS, the "Late Late Show" airs. I watch every episode. Not at 12:30 AM; I have a day job so I watch it on the DVR later. But I digress. This show provides me with more laughs per minute than any other show on television. The combination of Ferguson's don't-give-a-tuttsi-fruttsi sense of humor and Peterson's creepy presence (which belies his amazing comedic timing) make this show a must-watch for me.

Geoff is actually an animatronic robot designed and built by über-nerd Grant Imahara of MythBusters fame and voiced by comedian and impressionist Josh Robert Thompson. He's got an animated jaw which moves along with his speech, his head swivels, and his right arm is articulated to raise the upper arm, extend the forearm, and fling the loosely held together metacarpals and phalanges about. Geoff has come into possession of dozens of beaded necklaces over the years which he wears over his suit. I decided to be lazy and not include them.

Geoff does most convincing impressions of Morgan Freeman and Arnold Shwarzeneggar. In fact, Josh Robert Thompson did bit for Howard Stern many times where he called people in Arnold's voice, tricking them into thinking they were in fact speaking with the genuine Governator.

If you can get past the uncomfortable silences, Ferguson's eroded Scottish accent, the antics of two interns in a giant horse costume, and like to laugh, this might be the show for you. Just sayin'...

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I miss that show dearly.
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