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AlphaBots Week III: C.G.O.C.P.F.T.F.

By SamWolk
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The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future hails from the Adult Swim cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He's a robot who claims that he is the Ghost of Christmas Past.

From the ATHF Wiki page: He first shows up in Carl's house (in February) and tells Carl "what Christmas was like" when Carl was eight, in which he was made to eat carpet by his father and his house was destroyed by robots and lasers (Carl remembers eating carpet, but not the robots and lasers).

He then proceeds to fill Carl's pool with elf blood as a plot device to tell the Aqua Teens and Carl about the original Santa Claus, an ape named "Sir Santa of Claws", and elves from Mars. He has a penchant for telling drawn-out stories such as this with absolutely no factual basis or consistency. He says that the only way for Carl to get rid of the blood is for Carl to have sex with the Great Red Ape in Space. Carl eventually gets rid of him by selling his house to Glenn Danzig, who buys the house specifically for the blood, and whom the Ghost can't stand.

Drawn in Manga Studio Debut 4.
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"Thousands of years ago...."
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Man, that is a great episode. Super awesome job on this future fella from the past.
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Thanks! "Thousands of years ago, before Sigourney Weaver..."