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Mermay Commission - Baymax and Mochi by MeoMai Mermay Commission - Baymax and Mochi :iconmeomai:MeoMai 115 3 Mermay by Damon1984 Mermay :icondamon1984:Damon1984 9 2 Conan (BIC) - Marcio Abreu by MARCIOABREU7 Conan (BIC) - Marcio Abreu :iconmarcioabreu7:MARCIOABREU7 35 6 Noboru ideas by Chopstuff Noboru ideas :iconchopstuff:Chopstuff 175 10 Take Care of Her by NachoMon Take Care of Her :iconnachomon:NachoMon 248 36
Alliances: Fools Rush in
“Haley, Dance with me.”
“Can’t do that Miss Ward.”
“Stop being such a bore!” Emilia Ward almost stamped her foot out of sheer frustration but decided such a childish action was beneath her.
“Fine- but you can’t stop me from enjoying myself.”
“No plans to Miss Ward.”
He could hardly blame her, the young woman, heiress to the primary arms contractor in the Enutir Union, was still reeling from a sudden breakup only a week ago.
Her security had no reason to suspect the man, one David Foster, of anything criminal or of being any sort of threat to her, but they stayed close all the same, much to her frustration and annoyance.
While the driver, Reid, was waiting for their return the others stayed close to her.
Haley- the man she thought of as “The Boss” and three others who had introduced themselves as
Ferrell, Cook and Fisher though they had only spoken to her a couple of times.
“I’m going down th
:iconbrowncoatmando:BrowncoatMando 1 4
Bluehoods Noir Part 2 by BrowncoatMando
Mature content
Bluehoods Noir Part 2 :iconbrowncoatmando:BrowncoatMando 2 0
April Fools Day Reminder by kevinbolk April Fools Day Reminder :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 286 39
Dilaer, part 2
Dilaer approached the cleric and she felt the hatred for him and his cursed sun goddess with all her heart. Blinded with fury she killed the cleric without mercy. And then she kept fighting, killing the followers of Sarenrae, the blood ran in the temple that night, and she just lost herself into the fight... After the battle was over, when Dilaer finally came out of her fury, she looked around her, and the drow had killed almost all of them. Her companions congratulated her for killing that cleric who blinded them, and for the passion of her fight. But Dilaer was kind of confused. What was that she saw during the assault? Probably a trick of her own mind, because of the intensity of the moment, she thought. And yet… she was almost sure that for a moment, the light did not hurt her like it did to the other drow.Outside of the church, the attack had been just as successful. Few drow died, and most of the servants of the sun goddess were dead, except for a few who were taken as slaves.But after the battle, Dilaer was not feeling well. There was something bothering her, and she didn't know what it was. Everything felt strange, like… out of place. This continued until some time later, she was invited to a party. There they had one of the slaves that were taken during the battle, for the pleasure of the drow matrons. The man was an aasimar, strange and handsome. She saw him and felt very attracted to him, not only physically, but there was something else urging her to go to him. More so, some people had said to her that he was an oracle of some kind.Dilaer laid with him and during that moment he told her he knew who she was. That he knew she was different, and that she would not hurt him. That the day in which her true nature was revealed, she would have to leave the city. And search for the archipelago.Dilaer was shocked for a moment. How dared this slave to talk to her like that?! A feeling of anger invaded her and she immediately pushed him away and had the strong urge to punch him, but when she raised her fist to strike him… she couldn't do it. For some reason, she was unable to do it. Dilaer kept her fist up for a moment, before turning and storming away from the room. Now, she was more confused than ever, and fear was beginning to take her mind. Probably the aasimar just said that to mock or scare her… right?After that, things just got worse. Every day more confused and paranoid, Dilaer started to close herself up more and more. She felt there was something wrong with her, something different, that wasn't there before. And one night, after a fevered and desperate dream, Dilaer woke up and felt a presence beside her. Well, not exactly beside her, but it was difficult to explain. Everything seemed different, absolutely every little thing. Her house, her city, everything looked alien to her, like she didn't belong there anymore. And she felt like some kind of energy was channeling through her body. She tried to ignore it, and convince herself that she was probably unsettled from the battle. But quickly she couldn’t ignore the fact that something supernatural was happening. She remembered the aasimar’s words. He probably did something to her! This had to be his fault!Dilaer went to talk to the slave. And when she had him in front of her she started asking him what did he do to her? There was something wrong with her and she was sure it had to be related to the things he said. Maybe some kind of magic he used on her!The aasimar slave, looked at her calmly and told her that he had done nothing. That sometimes, the goddess let him see a little beyond than others can. And he saw her coming: one of the chosen one of Sarenrae. But this one… this one was different, this was a chosen one borned from darkness. One that never felt the touch of the goddess before, and even more, that would suffer it. He didn’t know what all of this meant, but when he saw the drow coming to attack the town, he understood.- It is not for me to question Sarenrae’s plans- he said- Even if, for you to awaken to your path, it meant the death of my people, and my own enslavement. When you entered the temple, I knew it was you. And you saw the goddess that day, am I right?Dilaer was speechless. The aasimar, seeing on her eyes that he was right, smiled sadly.- You are the chosen one, borned from darkness. I am sorry, Dilaer, because this will be a great burden you will have to carry.- But… why?- it was all she could say at that moment.- I don’t know, young drow. I can only see what the goddess allows me to see. And if I am alive, when so much of my people died, is because I had to tell you all this. I know nothing more. I’m sorry. I only know what I told you before. Look for the archipelago.- I don’t want this!!!- she screamed at him, furious- Fix it! Make it go away!!! - I’m sorry, but I can’t. This is your call, your search. But I can give you a piece of advice: When you leave, try to understand the world, and the people from the outside. Try to search for peace regarding what you have done and what you are feeling now. Because it will not be easy for you. Search for redemption, when you feel the need for it. Maybe that moment is not now, but trust me, it will come.- No…. I don’t want this- she cried- You… were my enemies! With my own hands I killed so many of you! Why are you telling me all this?!!- Because Sarenrae is the goddess of redemption, Dilaer- he told her as he came closer and took her hands on his own, chained-... And I forgive you.- Dilaer looked at him for a moment. Tears in her eyes… and she immediately got away and started to walt to the door.-One more thing, paladin- she heard the aasimar’s voice behind her- Leave as soon as possible. You will not be able to maintain the secret forever. May the Eternal Light protect you.It was then that Dilaer, against her own desires, planned her escape from the city, in search for the archipelago. And she promised herself, she would try to understand the new world she was going to enter, and it’s people. She could at least try....
:iconiara-art:iara-art 5 15
Crushed By The Light by xLeSpiderx Crushed By The Light :iconxlespiderx:xLeSpiderx 21 3 Poses 1 by Set-Byul Poses 1 :iconset-byul:Set-Byul 916 27 STAN LEE by Vinz-el-Tabanas STAN LEE :iconvinz-el-tabanas:Vinz-el-Tabanas 375 19 Art Trade With Samwisetheawesome by wyky Art Trade With Samwisetheawesome :iconwyky:wyky 4 2 Ash O'connel - Art Trade by hydranoid2009 Ash O'connel - Art Trade :iconhydranoid2009:hydranoid2009 4 4 Thunderfirst - Art Trade by hydranoid2009 Thunderfirst - Art Trade :iconhydranoid2009:hydranoid2009 3 2 Vifil Kotkellsson - Art Trade by hydranoid2009 Vifil Kotkellsson - Art Trade :iconhydranoid2009:hydranoid2009 4 2
For those who can't get enough, here's a fan remake of a classic scene.

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I've got this Star Wars Idea, what do you think?
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I have this idea for a couple of my First Order OC's, would you mind attempting it?
Star Wars OC First Order Agents

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She's crouched on one knee aiming a rifle at something to the left with a grin on her face.…
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She wanted a couple of nice house plants, so that's what we went with
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