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This is a little tool for Windows 7 (afaik it doesn't work for Vista users, and I won't add compatibility for Vista, sorry guys) that allows you to change literally everything regarding Windows Aero.

New in Version 1.0.2: Replaced the Transparency slider with a checkbox. This change is for the best, I think. ;)
New in Version 1.0.3: There's now a logging feature in DWMColorMod. If you have any problems with this tool, e.g. the opacity not being set correctly, activate the "Log stuff" checkbox after starting the tool. It will automatically save a log file with some info on your desktop when you close it.
New in Version 1.1: DWMColorMod now notices when the Aero color is changed by another tool (Aero Adjuster, for example ;)), and changes the sliders according to the new color. (DWMColorMod's window mustn't be focused to make that feature work)

(The theme is the awesome "Windows 8 VS for Win7" by the equally awesome =fediaFedia, get it here -> [link] :))
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