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This is a little tool for Windows 7 (afaik it doesn't work for Vista users, and I won't add compatibility for Vista, sorry guys) that allows you to change literally everything regarding Windows Aero.

New in Version 1.0.2: Replaced the Transparency slider with a checkbox. This change is for the best, I think. ;)
New in Version 1.0.3: There's now a logging feature in DWMColorMod. If you have any problems with this tool, e.g. the opacity not being set correctly, activate the "Log stuff" checkbox after starting the tool. It will automatically save a log file with some info on your desktop when you close it.
New in Version 1.1: DWMColorMod now notices when the Aero color is changed by another tool (Aero Adjuster, for example ;)), and changes the sliders according to the new color. (DWMColorMod's window mustn't be focused to make that feature work)

(The theme is the awesome "Windows 8 VS for Win7" by the equally awesome =fediaFedia, get it here -> [link] :))
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Hey do you have the source code of how you were able to change the Hue, Saturation, Brightness etc? I assume you used dwmapi.dll. Thanks!
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amazing app, it made my taskbar perfect :P
Good change for the 1.1..

Can you also change the slider/checkbox values in real time if Aero settings are changed by some other means, such as using Windows Personalization??
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The sliders are not changed as long as DWMColorMod has the focus.
Don't worry about some other program disrupting your normal usage of this tool ;)
No, wait.. I meant to say "Can you make the sliders/checkbox values CHANGE in REAL TIME..?"

For example, I have DWMColorMod and the Windows Personalization Window Color adjustment screen open side by side. Focus is on the Windows Personalization windows, while DWMColorMod is out of focus. Now, adjusting the slider values in Windows Personalization changes Aero appearance, but the sliders in DWMColorMod don't update until focus is regained. My question to you is if it possible for you to catch Aero changes in real time, and update the slider values even if the tool is out of focus.
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That's weird (again), because the sliders should already move in real time.
Either it's a mysterious problem with your system again or the flying spaghetti monster slipped a noodle or two into my tool. :D
I'm afraid I can't test that right now because I don't want Portal 2, which is rendering a movie atm, to crash :P
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I wished that this app would make every taskbar completely transparent... :(
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Actually, that is possible.
Set the R, G and B sliders to 255, Saturation to 0, Brightness to 255, and Reflection intensity and Color intensity to 0.
Then enable the Transparency checkbox and everything should be as transparent as possible.
Great app.. :) Nice work!

There's a small little issue though: When you click 'Revert Changes', the sliders don't go back to their original state. Ideally, they should. If you can fix this, it'd be awesome!
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Thanks :)

Regarding the issue: Fixing that is not a problem at all. ;)
I'll edit this deviation when I fixed it, and I suppose the change should show up in your messages then ;)
Of course man! Thanks, it's a very nifty tool!
Hey! One more thing.. Being a student of Usability Engineering, I realize that having a "slider" for transparency control is not a great idea.. IMO. Moreover, your Transparency slider is inverted - (0=Yes, 1=No) - this tends to be confusing since by general convention, you pull a slider to the left or to the bottom (in case of a vertical slider, like the Win7 volume control) if you wish to "switch off" a feature, but in your case, moving the transparency slider to the left "switches ON" the transparency!

It maybe cool to have all functions as sliders, but IMO, you should use a simple checkbox for transparency. Like the one in the Win7 "Personalize" section.

Let me know what you think.. :)
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I deliberately used a slider there because a checkbox wouldn't blend in with the rest of the tool :P
Also because it kinda reminded me of the iOS checkbox "sliders" =P
I may change it in the future if I find a way to integrate the checkbox ;)
Sure. The 0-1 slider works the same as a checkbox, and even blends in with the rest of the tool.. But why the inversion? I mean, slider to the left would mean "Transparency OFF" or "No Transparancy", but in your case, it's the opposite.. O_O Any reason why?
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I translated it from German, the language this tool was written in originally. :D
I should have put "Opaque" into the label there, you're right =P
Aaahhh! I see.. You mean "Opacity"! :D

But I still think you'd benefit from correcting the slider inversion rather than renaming the label from "Transparency" to "Opacity", since so many Windows users are familiar with the former. Just a suggestion.. :)
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I replaced the slider with a checkbox. I think that's better. ;)
Nice job man! The "Revert Changes" now resets all the slider positions too! I likey it!! ;)

(And thanks for taking the trouble to make the changes! :) )

(P.S: Sent you a note, check!)
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this tool is a real treasure
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Nice tool. Featured - [link]

Thanks for sharing it. :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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