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Aero Adjuster



This is a little app that adds a bit of Windows 8 functionality to Windows 7. (Again, no Vista support)
It sits in the tray, automatically detects when you change your wallpaper/when it is changed as part of Win 7's desktop slideshow, and changes the Aero color to fit that wallpaper.

If you don't like it, you can always restore the color to the point before the tool was opened.
Have fun :)

New in Version 1.2: You can now set Aero Adjuster to invert the color before applying it. Thanks to ~CharleyCross for the suggestion.
New in Version 1.2.1: Added images to the "Invert color"-menuitem because it looked ugly without them :P
New in Version 1.3: Added the ability to select what part of the image should be taken when calculating the average color. Thanks to ~dominic19 for the suggestion.
New in Version 1.3.1: Minor bugfixes.
New in Version 1.4: Rewrote the algorithm for the average color calculation and added the possibility to adjust the Aero brightness as well.
New in Version 1.4.1: Added the "EXPERIMENTAL" note to the image part feature and refined the code a bit.
New in Version 1.5: Rewrote the color averaging part using unsafe code (thus adding a DLL to the zip), making the tool faster and more stable. It shouldn't ever crash or freeze again. :D
New in Version 1.5.1: Appearently Windows always restored the old Aero color when restarting it. I didn't update the registry with the new Aero color in previous versions, that's why Windows did it. ;)
New in Version 1.5.2: Little update because I'm dumb and forgot to write the updated values to the registry after updating them.
New in Version 1.6: Aero Adjuster is now able to ignore non-colors, e.g. black, grey and white when calculating the average color of your wallpaper.
That means that pictures like [link] won't return black anymore, but their respective real colors. This option is disabled by default, so you'll have to enable it when first running the new update. :)
New in Version 1.7: Time for yet another update. This time, I implemented smooth color transitions. :meow:
Also, the additional DLL is responsible for the auto-updater. From now on, if an update is available, you can download and install it automatically. :)
New in Version 1.8 (also available through the updater): I added additional functionality to the transition part of Aero Adjuster, it now uses cubic bezier timing functions for everything. You can even copy values from an existing CSS and feed them to Aero Adjuster! :)
New in Version There was an embarrassing bug in Aero Adjuster which prevented it from successfully updating on some machines. :iconhomerdohplz: I strongly suggest redownloading it from here or there: [link]
Thanks :)
(Please do not upload this elsewhere, if you want people to get this program, link them to this page instead. Thanks again :))

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This is beautiful.