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Well, haven't been here for a while (yet again).  Don't get your hopes up but I may start drawing again.  Kinda had a kick up the bum from life that I should get out there and do what I think I'm ok at and make it the best.  I always thought I was an Ok artist, never really practised only doing a couple of doodles here and there and they were few and far between, but now....  Now I think I should stop seriously self doubting, heck I'm Samus! (......<silence>) Well, even if I'm NOT the real Samus (Wait, Seriously?!) I do need to step up my game and show the world and more importantly, myself, how good I can be.  Gona be alot of hard work, but I will get there.  First thing on my list - Zend PHP exam.  I'll register in the next couple of weeks - wish me luck.  I may keep you (journal) updated...maybe.
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SuperDecimalHobbyist General Artist
Hey gurl! :D

It's really awesome to see you again! Life is a busy bitch!
Waitwhut? Pffft, you're an incredible artist!! :D
I really learned a lot form the art thread in the Din clan way back and posts in the Art Forum!
If you art were a human, it'd be a sexy-ass biatch! :)

Can't wait to see what you'll upload!

Much love and respect, dear Lady! :huggle:
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ArtisticnstuffHobbyist General Artist
I don't care that you haven't been drawing. Yuo're online and I am online at the same time and OMG GIRL ADD ME ON FACEBOOK I SENT YOU A REQUEST. *huff puff*