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New music.  (o_o I just had to run away for a second as my cat was taking away my bag of banana sweets!  I swear this cat will eat anything*sigh*)  But as I was saying, I'm branching out for new music.  I'm not much for musicwellactually I lie, I love music but I'm just very picky at what I listen to.  However, if I find a song I like I have this ability (I say its an ability as I haven't actually found someone else that can do this) to listen to it over and overandoverandoverandover again with out becoming bored of it.  So recently I've headed back to and listened to mostly the BoA radio station (since I rediscovered her due to her debut album into the US) and have came across a number of albums I have ordered from  All is good at the moment :)

Up 'n' coming stuff? Ummm, trying to get into a Phd course for Advanced Computer Systems this year, fingers crossed huh?  Still learning Mandarin, working and constantly doing housework - I often think the cats are still not litter trained heh.

Quick mention:  It's good to see EiffelArt :iconeiffelart: is regularly posting art.  You should take a look *nodnod* .  Also love this piece  by super-fergus :iconsuper-fergus:.  Wonderful work.
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