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The moments after.....

It was an idea that popped into my head whilst I jibber away to my boyfriend/best friend's msn window (whilst he is away) about utter crap. We humor ourselves that he is Ridley only out to .. "get" me ^_~ And again the whole.. Ridley finding Samus attractive, only chasing her across the galaxy to obtain a phone number from her. Classic romance :P Well, lets just say they did fall into each others.. hands/claws o_o How? I don't really know. But the moments after... they realised that the whole experience has affected their life..
I think it is save to say that each are thinking... "OH. MY. GOD"

Although wether it be a beter or for worse kind of statements. Teehee. Enjoy.
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You can tell this is ridley's first night of sex
JurassicReptile742's avatar
Well the rest of his species is extinct so it makes sense
Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
Way to ruin the joke asshole
AuraShaman's avatar
He destroys her home, he killes her parents, and now he rapes her...
SpaceLordRidley's avatar
I defiantly do that!  
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
crocomire: walks in*
I just came in to see if you were still interested in... never mind
ZGM-ZGM's avatar
This has also been a running joke between me and my brother. XD
Taking the "ohhhhhhwhathappenedlastnightholyshit" situation to a whole new level.
TheTentacleCommander's avatar
*snerk* Samus is looking as if she's trying to figure out how this occurred. Ridley is just sitting back with a pimp smile. Sneaky dragon XD
Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
I believe that is the smile that says: first night of sex
Shiro87's avatar
Hahaha, lol!
Biskuits's avatar
It's so right it can't go left! XD You get ten gold stars!
D-Robzz's avatar
hahahaha :typerhappy: Priceless
PartyFowl88's avatar
the look on Ridley's face makes me "xD"

the look on Samus' face makes me "ROFLCOPTER"

the thought of this in general "ROFLCOPTERMMFAO! xD"
Skythe-Soulblade's avatar
Samus would never forgive herself
KillerRadish's avatar
This made me laugh my ass off, simply for Ridley's expression.

Instant fave.
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RidleyPlz's avatar
I certainly hope that there were no STDs.
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