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Please Samus?

Ahh, now haven't we missed the Master Chief and Samus days. Well.... abit of jealously has been going on, now hasn't it? Ho, ho, ho!

Poor Master Chief, that Samus is even thinking of forgiving Ridley for the sake of their son, Mini Ridley (oh com' on, it's fiction people!).

Man, I have some weird thoughts har har!

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This makes no scene, he killed her parents, why would they EVER get together, its just dumb
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“Samus, I know I killed your parents and tried to kill you on countless occasions, but that parents thing, that was one time!”
alexiaNBC's avatar
Samus: You implied that you ATE them while I was having a severe panic attack!!!
Ridley: Yeah but I was kidding.
jeffroell8's avatar
Samus: "F*** no!"
Chief: "Lets finish him for good this time" (cli-click)
I also ship Master Chief and Samus...
maline12345's avatar
this is unpredictable samusHug 
Microsober-Creed's avatar
Ridley-Samus, I killed your parents and made your life a living hell, tried to steal the last metroid from you, assisted mother brain into trying to kill you, attacked and destroyed your first ship,  tried to top you from stopping the phazon epidemic one time, attacked the Falcon Flyer while you were on it, and tried to stop you and that pikachu from saving the universe. Will you forgive me?

Samus- K
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we all know she will
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Lol! If I was samus I wouldn't EVER forgive him!
AuraShaman's avatar
Ridley -- The guy who never got a break simply because he couldn't fit through the door. :(
Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
When did people start shipping master chief and samus
go to hell master chief!
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
And then he bites her head off! =D
AFK-man's avatar
I saw this image on Youtube and I was like O_O.
awsomon's avatar
Samus and Masterchief? oh please everyone knows Samus is with Snake
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makes more sense than this crappy shipping
NacktheWeasel14's avatar
Samus and Master Chief is real and you can't deny it.
KeybladeMagicDan's avatar
Sorry Ridley But Samus is with Master Chief 
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