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No so tough now, Master Chief.

By Samus-Aran
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Heh. I had this thought running through my head the whole day in college. I had to get home and start drawing. MY HANDS WERE ITCHING! Been trying plushies poses for Samus Master Chief in my many utterly weird doodles, and they are going pretty well.

This took about oh... 5 hours, to be honest probably longer but I have no watch here. But it is pretty late here in the Uk >.o I had to get all done tonight. I <3 those kind of images that you HAVE to a video game?

I hope you like it, I really am proud of myself. It's the beginning of a better artist.

P.S done with a ditigal graphics tablet and the Fireworks programe.
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What's worse
Metroid' s: aliens who suck out the life force and your brains
Flood: a parasite who forces its self into your mind and tears your body apart and makes you forget all about your life, painfully
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Sorry.....Chief wins.
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BreadArtist900Hobbyist Interface Designer
The greatest thing Ive ever seen, mind blown
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pokemonlpsfanHobbyist Digital Artist
Xd poor master chief. I hope that super missile doesn't kill him and just get the metroid off him.
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Actually wouldn't Samus have to freeze the metroid first? So the question could be wiil Master Chiefe survive being frozen and will he be shattefed like the metroid?
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pokemonlpsfanHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, hopefully he survives that too 
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Now samus needs to meet the flood :D
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Anny other parasitick alians and monsters theae two and others could face off agianst you could name?

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the flood are more similar to the X then anything in the Metroid universe.  
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They're less of a threat to Samus than Chief.
Higher defenses, infinite ammo, the ability to make the surface of her armor more lethal than an energy sword, etc.
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I dare samus to fight halo 2 flood on legandary. Then she is in trouble
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Less trouble than master chief attempting the same thing.
Considering she has several abilities that allow her to plow right through groups of them and not take any damage, vaporizing anything that makes contact with her.
Explosives that could clear rooms in single uses, typically carrying 50+ of each type explosive that can do this (2).
And a main weapon that like Halo 4's scatter shot, except it infinite ammo, effective at medium ranges (too slow for long, but accurate enough), ignores cover and shields, and freezes what it doesn't vaporize.

The only thing In Halo that give Samus as much trouble as Chief is the Didact. Which frankly the only reason Chief beat the Didact in Halo 4 is because the Didact got cocky. If he had killed John right away, instead of toying with him, he would have won.
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HA! That was a trick question. Chief wiped out the flood before samus had the chance to see one
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No. he didn't wipe out the flood.
Even after Halo 3, there was another Flood outbreak, and the graphic novels (Halo: Escalation) still showed that even after the post Ark destruction outbreak flood STILL yet live.

He fought tooth and nail THROUGH the flood, not without a scratch. in fact, a flood infection form breached his suit in the novel and pierced his skin. had Cortana not been in his armor and killed it by overloading his shields to zap the whole armor, he would have been infected. The only reason he was able to destroy them in Halo 1? he essentially detonated a nuke to destroy the Halo, that could have been done by anyone. Chief was just the one who survived long enough that it became the last resort, truth be told he probably killed a lot of humans with that maneuver (saving them from the flood at the same time, but still killed).

He blew up something big to get the flood (in both Halo 1 and 3), something Samus does on a near game basis (she's blown up 3 planets and 2 alternate dimensions)

Samus does the pretty well same to just as threatening Parasites. the Ing (maybe not as much), the X Parasite (could rival the flood), and Phazon (weaker by itself, but by it's nature it would enhance the flood). destroyed all three by.. you guessed it, nuking them essentially.

Say they were locked on a planet with no way too nuke the flood? we're talking straight survival, Samus would last significantly longer.
Faster, higher defence more agile, infinite ammo on more effective weapons, and can make her armor lethal to touch.

I've no idea what you mean by the last statement, had the chance to see one? she's never been in the Halo universe.
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hey grunts are f*cking scary with fuel rods on legandary
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They're JUST as "scary" on Heroic in all Halo's, or Halo CE campaign where they instant kill on direct hit on normal.

They're not hard however.
As long as you have ANY of the many headshot capable weapons, they can be killed stupid quick in rapid succession, and the shorts are slow moving, quite possible to dodge.
Though, even if you don't have headshot weapons, any damage prevents them from shooting, even quick bursts from an AR is enough to stun-lock them to death or enough to close the gap to melee them.

Later Halos they become far less scary as the series progress.

Halo 3 has both the portable and bubble shields.
Halo Reach has Armor Lock and Drop shield for defending, Jet Pack and Evade for Dodging.
Halo 4 has Hardlight shield for defense, Thruster Pack and Jet Pack for Dodging.. NOT to mention the most headshot capable weapons than any other Halo.

Armor Lock and Hardlight being great against them in that with luck (or aim, in Hardlight shield's case) you can return it to your enemies.
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:rofl: too funny, poor little Chibi Chief, first getting a Metroid latched onto his "face" and then Samus blasting it off XD
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Bass858Hobbyist General Artist
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ExtravagantSnivyHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh...Where did the metroid come from?
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Probly from the same wormhole/portal universe Samus came from or maby it's the baby metroid trying to be friendly and getting a daddy.

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