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Kafei and Anju

By Samus-Aran
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This was my entry to a Zelda Art competition held at the forums of (a home as such (haha)). And this month's theme was "contentment" containing at least one Zelda character.

I choose these two (three?) characters to represent 'contentment' : satisfaction of one's situation, because out almost all the things I could think of, this situation of love always sticks with me. The happiness of just being together in face of your own deaths. I would think that would be contentment down to a T :]

If none of you guys know about zelda (how could you not ;] ) the story goes like this. Link (our hero) hears of the story that a husband disappeared (what a bugger, running off with Range girl . . .NO NO NO xD). Well, you heard it and wander the streets (as you do) and happen to bump into a dashing young boy (easy Link ;]). Oi, rude kid running away from you when you get near him. Anti-social! HOWEVER, once you get the postman's hat (another long story) you can access the kid's house (HAHA IM IN UR HOUZ STELIN" UR PENDENT). Basically the kid isn't a kid but the missing husband (say WHAT?) and explains his upsetting story of being cursed and unable to face his loving wife. So being the brave hero that you are, you reunite them on the final hour of the last day of EVER (before the moon hits) and you see an extremely sad/happy scene (brought tears to my eyes). She couldn't care less that he then was a boy but that they were now together.

Even though I never got round to actually finishing it, that part will always be a core memory I have of the game.

Hope you enjoy it n____n

Media: A5 pencil paper, H2 pencil, photoshopCS
Other devices: Scanner
Reference: Screen shots of Anju/Kafei/Pedent of Memories/Couples Mask/Majora's Moon.
Time: All together, 12 hours (broken up during days)
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just beat the side quest so romantic
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CapcomWarriorStudent General Artist
Ah yes. I just finished their side quest. That line afterward is sooooo sad.
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You can get in the back of the Curiosity Shop with the Postman's Hat? Wow, I didn't know that! I thought the only way to get in was to drop Anju's letter into a Postbox the night of the first day or the morning of the second day, and wait for the Postman to deliver the letter to Kafei later in the second day.
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i love legend of zelda as soon as i saw that i was amazed omg wtf bbq[link] is awsomome can you do a request do you like halo why is tael with you huh huh why bombers
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Nope, sorry; I don't take requests, nor do I like Halo (I've never played it before, actually).

Did you really mean to reply to my post? I ask because it seemed kind of random and spam-ish... ^^;
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RousenRoullete General Artist
3 days....3 days....3 days.....
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It's really lovely... I'm glad that people are still drawing them. :) They do look content, you captured them well. It's a great illustration of Kafei and Anju.
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hey u finaly finished it :D nice one!!
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lol moon.
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LimeGreenSquidHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, this has to be a sign. I've been seriously contemplating over the last few days that i really should play Majora's Mask again, see how far i can go without having to use an online walkthrough, and just enjoying the deep emotional stories that weave through those 3 ominious days ...
And now you make out of it! Gotta love that moon, hehe. And of course Kafei and Anju!
I don't remember a lot about that part, but i clearly remember the moment you heal the little girl's zombie dad - the song of healing and the way she hugs her daddy really tight definitely brings a tear to my eye.
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coool! i love it!
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There like in a sea of love, and the evil moon was to mess that.
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