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A interesting set up here. Cortana from Halo. I had a dream that heck, she and him (Master Chief) have a quite a friendly attuidue with each other that mayb.. more? Heck I would hate that idea, but the idea HAD to be drawn :3 "Chief?"

3-4 hours to complete, using Wacom pen and panel in Macromedia fireworks. I didn't know what colour she really was, since Owl Lady and her boyfriend claimed that she is blue in the Halo2 (which I havn't played yet) and what I've seen from screen shots, I got... confused? So.. I guess it could be a happy medium... maybe? :\
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Nice ;)
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This is Spartin 823 calling Master Cheif and Cortana over.
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pretty good
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naughty bits! ty
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You go the color pretty good for her. In the first 2 she looks like purple with slight blue and in the 3rd one, she seems to have more blue with some purple. Either way the colors still look nice.
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i just don't see how that would work out though, or especially since uh, cortana's in his BRAINZ
well, almost.

hmmm...i guess she could abuse his dreams. like, completely
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Interesting though. Have you seen the new shots for Halo 3? Still any hesitance on if she's blue? ;p
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The breast should be like a round semicircle, not a cone. And I don't think a hand can bend that way without requiring medical attention.

Other than those things this picture is impressive. I really like the face for some reason. And Cortana is TEH POWN ^^
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I read your comment on the hand, and had to try and prove it.... Its possible, not comfortable, but possible...and were talking about a ultra computer program...she can pretty much be a contortionist if need be for effect..
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agreed, but still good, unlike those noobs who draw her like pr0nstar.... 'groans'.... I hate that....
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thanks heh. I believe I have improved since the drawing. Hopefully ^_^;
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I'm sure. I was just trying to give some helpful critique along with my pro-cortana rhetoric.
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wish i had her living in my head (helmet)
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Really good except xD I hate to point it out, the breast is a little "odd". Otherwise really nice job.
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Yeah... breasts are weird for me x_x I can't ever seem to get them... right? heh
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lol same for me :XD: you are not alone
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Sexah. Very Sexah.

But yeah, her colro kinda changes from purple to blue depending on the lighting. I like the blue personally.
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Yeah? I kinda wondered. I like the pruple actually... kinda suits her personality more. I did actuall coloured this in blue like you said, but I then filtered it and colourized it.... maybe that wasn't such a good idea, heh.
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