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Hippias Class Frigate(Redux)

Shown with a Peisistratus Class Destroyer and Hipparchus Class Corvette in profile at left for scale comparison.

UEG Navy Hippias Class Scout Frigate
Length: 880 meters (~0.54 miles)
Crew: 46 Standard / 6 Skeleton(severely reduced performance, no repair crews, no marines, automated gunnery stations only) / 90 Max Occupancy
Primary Directed Shield Emitter
Secondary Shielded Hull
Basic Medical Bay
Advanced Sensor Package
Sensor Analysis Lab
Class 2 Crew Quarters(single occupant chambers, personalization allowed)

These old vessels still serve a vital role even centuries after they were first designed. Their technology may have changed, but their role has not. The Hippias is build for extended reconnaissance and close-in weapon support of larger vessels. This frigate carries 2 small long-range craft equipped with advanced sensors. Its direct fire weaponry is limited but it has 2 large missile batteries capable of firing both anti-ship and anti-fighter ordinance as well as cluster-munitions effective against MAV's and other assault craft.

The reduced energy demands by utilizing non-energy main weapons have been applied to non-offensive systems. This ship is the fastest frigate in the Union Navy with large engines and a formidable forward anti-beam shield generator for its size. Missiles also penetrate anti-beam shields on enemy ships although they are less effective against most hull armor than energy weapons. Against Saurians, these weapon systems prove essential to the protection of larger vessels. Of course this also means that the Hippias class can expend all its ammunition and then retreat from the zone of conflict for resupply before rejoining the battle once more.

Often this ship is dispatched with allied colonial vessels when the UEG wants it presence to be felt but would rather not commit greater resources. This is also the preferred ship for adjudicators negotiating solutions between the almost constantly bickering corporations and private contractors.

Crews are small but close-nit, with transfer requests being fairly uncommon. Unlike larger vessels there tends to be a sense of community across departments and so survivors of destroyed vessels are typically allocated to new postings in groups with the explicit intention of reducing emotional damage from the loss of what many consider to be their homes.

1x Light Dorsal Weapon Pod(4 frigate class beam cannons) on trainable mounting
1x Light Ventral Weapon Pod(4 frigate class beam cannons) on trainable mounting
2x Missile Battery(18 anti-ship torpedoes, 20 cluster-munition dispensers and 68 anti-fighter missiles)
5x Point Defense Anti-Fighter/Missile railguns
2x Hrugin Class Long-Range Scout Craft(Dio Model)
1x Small Shuttle Bay(capacity 2)


After working on a number of newer ships, the older ones really felt out of place because they didn't have my newer "standardized" form for design plates. So I've decided to make some in my newer style with the proper scale, etc. The Hipparchus and Peisistratus are next on my list.
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