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Zelda Pauldron Template 2



Credit to ~Zeldaness More information can be found here [link]. This is a printer friendly template, you should be able to print it out as is, I would recommend turning on borderless printing to avoid clipping. For the top part of this piece I used 6mm thick craft foam for the body and regular craft foam for the details. The "V" at the top should be cut out at an angle, then bend back the foam until the sides of the "V" meet and glue it like that. This should create a dome like shape at the top. For the bottom piece I used regular craft foam for both the body and the detail. Glue the two points at the top of the bottom part to the bottom edges of the top part. Then you may want to glue a square piece across the middle of the "V" in the bottom part and glue the middle just underneath the circle of the top part. It should make it angle outward from the top part See here [link]. Template 1 can be found here [link]
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Thank you for the "V" tip. This will help avoid having to heat and shape the foam!