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Mya'sih - Dragon in Cosmos

In short- Stress-relief dragon lineart turned full-scale finished artwork. Not the best or most interesting design (a little pansy I think) but ffffish. :fish:

In full though, he is Mya'sih: Roamer of Space, Seeker of Unknown.

His wings need not support his weight. He reflects his domain and can become invisible. Creator of the renowned Draseliona Nebulae and the first to create a version of volleyball out of comets. Mya'sih loves nothing more than to appear mysterious and only those of very distant planets know of him.

Critique is very much appreciated C:
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I absolutely love the detail on this. You may not think this is the best however let me tell you, this is pretty awesome. This is filled with a bunch of positive and only one negative. The only remotely not good thing is that I've seen this concept before with the night/space dragon. In fact, I'm doing one myself right now, not nearly as awesome as this though and thats where the positive comes in. Even as a popular idea, you have pulled this off in a way I haven't seen before. This is really great.

I love how you incorporated the stars into his skin and spines. I love the uneven spines and I actually really don't mind that his wings are smaller. Typically I stress the importance or larger wings to support weight, but as you have already said, they don't have to and as long as you still draw the wings well, any size looks good. Here, you have proven that small wings can look just as great as large wings. Your anatomy here really is great.

I quite like the design on his legs and shoulder. I also find the brush strokes and shading on the face and body to be very eye pleasing. Another eye pleasing detail was the choice to do the line art in something other than black and not only that, but you chose to allow the color of the line art to vary and change depending on whats going on around that area of the drawing. The red lines on the neck spines and the wings versus the pale lines on the tail.

Lastly, my other favorite part? The lime green belly. Not only is lime green my favorite color (Yeah, yeah, biased, I know) but I think that the lime green really fits in this picture on this dragon with these other colors in the picture. I think purple or red would have been too monotonous and boring for the picture, so I think the green really makes it pop.
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Sorry I took a while to reply! Ive been flat out lately.

Thankyou very much for the awesome crit! <3

There are a lot of space-dragons :XD: I really didn't even think about that when I started. I've just done a couple of purply-pink pictures before and wanted to try the colour scheme again. Its great to hear he's not too generic.

A lot of his colouring was experimental and I'm really glad it paid off! His spines began at some hideous pink colour... and they were boring as black, so I kept going from there.
Although I have had some crits that I use too many bold, bright colours so things can get lost. Something I need to work on. :)

Again, thankyou! :D
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No problem, it was a very well deserved critique.
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Noice dragon design. Better ideas than I have.
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Thank you! Ideas are definitely things you need to feed. I've been neglecting my art a bit lately and when I go to draw I feel like all my designs/ ideas are so bland! Need to start searching up references and culture and things again. Maybe something to try too :)
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its awesome. ^-^
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So beautiful, love the picture
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Thank you very much! :)
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Wow this looks really pretty! It also reminds me of a dragon from a game World of Warcraft called twilight drake XD
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Thank you!! :D Hehe, I've never played WoW but I've seen a friend play, the dragons are pretty cool on there, aye
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sweet drawing and I love the name
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Thanks so much! c:
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Can i use this to create it as a Monster card?
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Hey! Sorry for the slow reply. Sounds awesome, just be sure to credit me the description and it's fine. :)
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absoulutely beautiful, made even more poignant by the fact that I just watched Dragonheart and Draco talks about how when Dragons pass they become stars. Gives him the feel of a dragon spirit or a dragon of death.
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Wow! Dragonheart is so sad at the ending, I really do like that film. Thank you for your kind words :)
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SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Dragon 4 Ever!!!!
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