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Dragon lineart

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Simple dragon lineart I sketched in photoshop.

I don't have the time right now to colour it. :ohnoes:
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This is very nice.
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Do you have any suggestions on what kind of animals that can be used as a reference when you are drawing a dragon?

You are incredibly talented, and this is really impressive.
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Hi! So sorry for late reply. Thank you, so very much! Aah, I don;t think I'm all so good, but your words really do mean a lot.

I have a really great book here by Terryl Whitlatch (shes a concept/ biological artist) and I've drawn some of my anatomical inspiration from her. Mostly I reference from wolves/ dogs (for the chest/ legs/ torso), birds (chest, wings, neck), bats (wings) lizards/ crocs (body, legs, claws, tail), dinosaur skeletons and reconstructions (everything), and sometimes other artists interpretations! I can have a few animal images open at a time if I'm really trying hard to capture a certain look.

Again, thank you! And best of luck. Dragons can be so much fun because you can mash traits from many different animals together :)
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Thank you for the reply :D 
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This is awesome, I love the way you did the scales. 
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Here we go!

I find this to be a very impressive dragon, although you call it simple. Dragons are incredibly hard to draw, to make them look this good. I wish I had your talent :3
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Ah! (better late than never my end, oh my)
Thanks so much for the lovely comment <3
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Can we color it?

And if so, Can I sell the colored ones for cash?
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I am glad you like this,
but no, please don't colour/sell this.
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aww so cute i like the head alot how its turned
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You're always so awesome at drawing dragons! they look so realistic ~
and those wings are really well done, love them <33 wonderful sketch overall! <:
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Thankyou! <3 I've been trying to focus a bit more on realism lately (well you know, when I can get time to draw x3) It's great fun C:
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Great dragon :clap: I love those wings.
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Thankyou so much! C:
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Absolutely LOVE the wings! They look so realistic, how they look like they can bend and fold. I also like how you stuck to the more original Western stule of dragons, with bird-like feet and bellies close to the ground. It's a nice change from the usual. Looking forward to seeing it in colour!
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Thankyou so much! I'm trying to branch out from the 'usual' dragon, there's so many around.
It's great to hear that C:
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Really awesome :) The only thing I noticed that didn't look quite right was the head - it seems to be tilted in a weird way? But what do I know about dragon anatomy? :P
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Thankyou! Yeah, I noticed the head was out a couple of times, tried to fix it once.
It wasn't so much the tilt that gets me it's the jaw, it looks kind of... dislocated .-. I'll likely fix it when I (hopefully) get to colouring C:
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lol, maybe he had just been a fight :3

If you redrew/edited it with the mouth closed... ? Would that fix it?
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