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step up - spider-man

By samuraiblack
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picking up where peter left off.
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Awesome. Would you ever consider doing one for the All New Ultimates cast
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eh, not particularly invested in that prospect since i havent really kept up 
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That's cool. How about All-New Ghost Rider?
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I love the costume design....But I hate the fact they replaced Peter Parker in the 'Ultimate Comics' universe with someone more 'ethnically diverse'. You can't just take the Spider-Man mantle and slap it on someone else. You just....Can't.

I'm sticking with the regular Marvel Universe. The Ultimate Comics universe is just....Oi. x-x
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you gotta give miles a chance, hes shaping up to be pretty good. he knows hes got giant shoes to fill but hes trying. sucks peter died, but he went out a hero.

and besides, its the ultimate universe, so they dont have to keep up the status quo like 616
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Sorry, I can't. He's not Spider-Man in my eyes, and he never will be.

I still don't like that they killed off Ultimate Peter Parker...And honestly think they should just put the Ultimate Comics universe out of it's misery after killing nearly everyone off. With the way it is, it might as well be a REALLY bad alternate universe some fan came up with.

Nothing against you, but that's what it looks like to me.

Personally...I'd rather just stick with 616.

All I see coming out of Miles Morales' existence is a neat alternate costume design. --Which I've used with 616 Spidey on Edge of Time alot next to the Future Foundation suit.
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Not my loss if I have no value invested in the character. *shrug*
I also think they secretly got the idea for the New Ultimate Spider-Man costume idea from my Spidey costume designs....But that's a whole 'nother story.

Anyway, Lookin' foreward to more of your art dude, hope ya' draw regular 616 Spider-Man/Peter Parker sometime.

Also, ever thought of drawing Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Panty & Stocking, or Lightning from Final Fantasy 13? I'd love to see 'em in your style.
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It hurts so good
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Gotta admit, Mile Morales is an awesome character (hell, he's more interesting that 616-Peter is proving to be right now).
And this is a really great piece on him, loving the blue and red highlights.
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havent read anything spider-man since spider-island, but i liked it. spider-men has been alright so far, but yeah miles is shaping up to be something good.
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Spider Island was definitely better than the majority of stuff to come out since OMD. Not the best Spidey material, but still not awful and making me feel like I want to strangle Peter Parker through the pages.

And yeah, Miles is pretty darn awesome. Hope they have more good things in store for him.
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