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Team rocket

Just one of team rocket's many disguises.
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This was a pretty great change of pace for them! Their cheering on looked hilarious, especially this part with Jessie's posing!
Memory627's avatar
They'd probably have a better time if Jessie didn't use so much hair gel.
lemonsandlemonade7's avatar
I think the kids used to be better at recognizing Team Rocket than they are now... :XD:;
DeathbyPixels13's avatar
We don't want to know what Jesse is doing...
DeathbyPixels13's avatar
Till this day I have no idea how ash and the others can't see through theirs disguises after all these year they might as well where a sign  that says not team rocket since it's so easy to fool them
Cute-Little-Candle's avatar
flippytiger's avatar
lol what's wrong with Jessie's face?! It looks like she has a snake tongue! XD 
ferretlivvie's avatar
Haha  I love this episode! :D
dryan1982's avatar
To quote my favorite WWE superstar, Bad News Barret: "You're latest disguise is brilliant, and they'll never see you coming!  But I'm afraid I've got some bad news..."
AvalonOdonnell's avatar
Cartoons back then were the best. "Wonder who it could be. They look like team rocket but it can't be them."
Hermy-one's avatar
Works every time <3
DressphereMasterYuna's avatar
Hahahaha XD
Awesome XD
ThorirPP1619's avatar
Where's Team Rocket???? I don't see them.
roller323's avatar
couldn't be more true
Ducklee6's avatar
"Now, children, imitate this face..." XD
Piplup40's avatar
yeah right Misty knew it was them
pikachu-chimchar's avatar
qwerty2999's avatar
The Master of Disguise is better at hiding-in-plane-site then THEY are!!
(granted they usually do it 'fabulously' but still.)
MSKM2001's avatar
More like the masters of stupid.
Jamienaut's avatar
but they are waving flags and fans with their logos on it 0_o
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