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if you were on my last commission and you never paid..forget about it.
i'm gonna do a new list soon and i wanna start fresh~ so it's all cool

and i have ton of notes.. :'| so like um..i kinda just want to delete errthing tbh

and for those who were on my page..don't worry i didn't die or something. i just wasn't here.
thanks for your messages tho :3 <3

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welcome back
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Most of the notes are probably things like ''Omg where are youuuuuuu are you deaaaaaaad?'' But hi lol nice to see you back around.
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Oh, wow, you live! Gurl, I thought you'd done died or something... came up with a whole mutilation story and everything.
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Please don't delete anything! I love to look at all of your work O3O

Welcome Back!
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Wow, really sucks that people tricked you like that. Hopefully your new way of commissioning works better. You've been gone for some time, but I'd say you still got a pretty strong watcher base.
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I was looking through your gallery the other day an I thought you'd left dA [: l

Super happy to see some pics from you :)
I actually kinda freaked out a little when I saw them, kinda excited >_>

Anyway, glad you're back 8)
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Yeah you're back :) !
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I was afraid you were gone forever! D:
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Hurrah! :iconlawooplz:

I know you must have a million messages, but I must ask - will you upload your last lot of commissions? I'd love the dA community to see how you drew my Jaxon :meow:
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I'm glad for your return, I was missing your inspirational images (and- er- hot guys- heh). :meow:
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yay your back :3
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You're aliiiive
New art.. this is exciting
Welcome back! [:
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Glad you're back with us!
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...if you don't care about that stuff then why did you include his journals in your devwatch?
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I meant it as a good thing
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The meme is used sarcastically tho. You should probably know this kind of important stuff before using it. ;)
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up until now people I've used it with liked it when I did it.
I'm guessing we were perceiving how it would be read in
normal context.
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You can tell me what you want, using "Cool Story Bro" in this context is like using the trollface to send someone an honest smile.

If you don't have a feeling for how memes are used by merely observing them, you may want to make use of websites such as urbandictionary or knowyourmeme.com. If your little circle understands it, fine by me, but don't be surprised when you step on somebody's foot along the way that doesn't know your private definition.
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by private definition you mean English grammar? because
English would dictate that if you feel that a 'story' is
interesting or 'cool' and you you want to let that person
or 'bro' know this you would say "that's a cool story, bro."

never-the-less I understand what you are saying
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