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MAN-CHAAANNNN!! here is your preseeent!! ^3^

ahh..i love night scenes...
as for whats going in the picture..hmm. i think it was an accidental meeting. Seiryu's probably going to jump the fence in a second.

the pencils:

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Your Work is very profound and beautiful
PsychoticNicholai's avatar
Ho Ho! Such good colors!
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You did so amazing on this, but I do wonder, what is a girl doing on that property of a big factory like that at night? WHERE CAN I READ MORE? :D

Side note: If you can, please, let me know where you got your fence from? Is it a brush? :heart:
Postmorteum's avatar
How the hell do you get the colors like this?

Shay-Fae's avatar
I really love this picture... :)
I don't know how to describe it but... It makes me feel a lot of emotions.
AnimexXxMusicxXxLove's avatar
Woow so this r off ur original characters rite? Well It looks like a rly awesome story :) U got me intruigued :)
PatrickSchappe-Art's avatar
love the concept, great work!
T-funny33's avatar
wow I love the choice of subject and the colors are beautiful!! :D
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This is beautiful, I really love everything in it. =)
apeeply1's avatar
i love your artwork so much! the detail and passion you do each of your work outstands me! :D
where do you get your texture files from out of interest ?
causeallidoisdance's avatar
I think I died alittle inside lmfao so amazing omgomgomg
DawnStarLightning's avatar
O.o Just.... WOW. I just looked through a TON of you pictures and they are amazing. I wish I had even half the skill you do. I mean really.... WOW. I love they way you do scenes. This one was my favorite though: the night sky, beautiful colors, and your wonderful characters! SO cool. :) Keep doing what you're doing 'cause you are amazing! Now I have one question for you, how much are commissions?
MT-000's avatar
is she... contaminated ?
Grycho's avatar
If she were contaminated, she'd be behind a lot more than just a chain fence.
Sailiel's avatar
Your work never ceases amaze me. I have adored it for 2 years now. Your amazing really amazing keep up the wicked work.
CommanderSmartass's avatar
The colours are beautiful. :D
LokiMotive's avatar
it has this movie feel to it.
PurpurLime's avatar
I like you character very much!!!!
oOAngelFromHellOo's avatar
Amazing!!!!! I just lov the colers you have used:-) :D :-)
Namco6's avatar
Aww, what an amazing , fantastic work, these colours are just gorgeous, as well as line art, i can't believe, you're only 19, OMG, u r a real master, btw, are these two kind of a couple, or just friends, or friends-who are actually attracted to eachother?:D))) Aww, if there would be an animated series about your OCs Seiryu & Domino, i would watch it all day long with a great pleasure! :love:))) P.S. sorry 4 my bad english... ^^;
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