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May 30, 2010
BLAZING by *Samurai-PET
Featured by deerlordhunter
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Original Character - Seiryu

\^0^/ finito!

thanks for coming to my LS yall..srry for all the lag that went down!


Lines - pencil
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Cozad's avatar

You should upload a high-res version, I would *love* to use this as a wallpaper on my phone.

cordia96's avatar
Looks nice as a smartphone wallpaper :P
Ceddl's avatar
Oh damn... that's pretty damn badass!!! I love this!!!
ApollotheIV's avatar
so awesome. thoughtful colors.
Keyshe54's avatar
The dynamic of this is just wonderful. What a daring pose and perspective, I so love the lighting and texture! Nice blurring affects too :)
Sierraness23's avatar
Alright, this is super cool. Well done!
IronNarwhal's avatar
Do you often seat yourself at a weird angle to draw poses like this? Do you use a manikin? Drawing at a weird angle is uncomfortable and difficult, but I'm not sure if it's worth practicing. What's your method?
Sofpixie's avatar
Wow, I'd seen these on Tumblr long ago and couldn't get the source, so lucky to've found them ^^ great work!
angelwerks's avatar
Wow, I don't even know where to begin. The movements, composition and color (especially the color) are all wicked awesome. I'm amazed!
LiquidSpace's avatar
I love every element of this graphic composition, but the gas mask inclusion really enhanced this visual feast with many possible meanings.
mendekua's avatar
Hi! I have featured your artwork in my journal: Gas Masks Feature.

Cheers :meow:
comayhem's avatar
I love the subject, type and climate! Oh! Love so much. :heart:
Holy crapper this is intense...and amazing! inazing.
mendekua's avatar
Just amazing!!!!
Whes's avatar
Your art haunts me.
byGran's avatar
ah! Genius worck!!
kurokensei's avatar
Fantastic colours!
Love it!
blmd's avatar
love the colorway
Empira16's avatar
hey it's great!
w0rmsign's avatar
NotLockedUp's avatar
Absolutely amazing colors! :D
Katwalker's avatar
I'm saving this as a favorite, despite the fact that I've never seen you before and know nothing about you as an artist and nothing about this character, but because I have never seen somebody drawn in that pose before and the world needs more art that's surprising.
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