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Join the wandering samurai Genji as his search for the mysterious swordsman "white fox" leads him on a path to confront the king and become the hero these lands of war so desperately need!


Samurai Genji © 2009 Geoff Trebs :icondinmoney: All Rights Reserved
              Official Samurai Genji facebook Genji and the crew are officially moving to facebook! There you can get the latest news, updates, sneak peaks, bonus art and other great stuff. Thank you everyone for supporting SamGen on deviantart, the series could not have gotten this far without you. However, the time has come for Genji to seek a new battlefield, so the people of facebook better get ready!! Episode 27, releases this Friday, going to be an especially good one, with a few "little" surprises XD Read it online at Become a supporter and get access to lots of cool rewards! Check out so
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Would you back a Samurai Genji Vol.1 Kickstarter?

66 votes
Maybe I could invest a small amount..
Sorry, I am not interested/ can't afford it )=
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What's up? You've been gone for too long.
Your art work is bad ass and your story is coming along well! :)
thanks! glad you are enjoying it so far, only going to get better (=
  Hello my name is Richard DeFazio and I just graduate from Digital Media Art Collage. I wanted to inform you for one of my Thesis project I modeled a character of yous. Here is the link to it if you would like to see it.…
looks great man, shared it on the genji facebook page, thank you, i a honored you would choose one of my characters (=
Where can I throw my money to acquire bound, printed copies of this work.
thank you for being interested! i usually only sell them at conventions, but i can sell you copies by mail. i have books of chapters 1, 2, and 3 for $5 each. And shipping is $5 within the US, or $15 outside US.
Payments are accepted via paypal:
if you would like to proceed with your purchase, email me your name and shipping address (to same email as paypal account) and i can mail them out within 3working days of accepting payment.

thanks again! since i am sending them personally i would be happy to sign them if you would like (=