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Digital Dimension - Chapter 5: Engage Deemon
The four teenagers were sitting in a circle on the ground in the Gomamon's village, their recovering digimon laying in front of each of them. A Gomamon approached the group. "Sounded like you had a rough fight out there."
"Yeah," Jess nodded. "Who was that, even? We couldn't faze her, but she was able to wipe us out in one shot."
"She said her name was BlackLighdramon," Valerie answered, "Apparently she's been watching us and Deemon, and isn't too pleased that he's failing."
"Well, that's too bad for her!" Faye slammed her fist on the floor. "We've got to kick her ass. I'm betting that she is the enemy we have to defeat."
"Sure, if we can track her down," Jess said. "There's also the problem of your digivice still being in Deemon's hands. Though we could trace its signal to him." She looked at her digivice, pressing a few buttons. "At least there has to be something on here that lets us do that." Bob and Valerie followed suit, fiddling with the buttons on their digivices.
"And how will
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Kitsuria Chronicles - Chapter 4: Reunion
Yuki walked with Flare and Lunar, heading north from Pyro's village. Learning that he had a daughter with Flare was a bit of a shock to him, though it wasn't too surprising. After all, he and Flare had fallen in love with each other eighteen years ago, not long after he had promised to help protect her. Flare spoke of a journal, so he thought he'd go with her and Lunar to retrieve it, and maybe learn more about his daughter.
"I ran to a small house not too far from here," Flare said. "When I learned that I had conceived a child from you...At the time, I was afraid Cyan would have gotten upset with us. So it was there that I gave birth to Lunar, and raised her myself. I did had some help, though. It was the same area I brought a couple friends of mine before I met you."
Yuki nodded. "I see, but how did you end up..."
"Working with Shiryu?" Flare sighed and lowered her head. "My memory's a bit hazy on that. Lunar and Garou recall it better than I can. Basically, I was tracked down by...w
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Kitsuria Chronicles - Chapter 3: Remembrance
Yuki ran on a path in the forest, unsure of where he was heading at the moment. He left the village, knowing he had to get back to Pyro and Pyra, to let them know he was safe. He also knew he had to get as far away from there as possible. Shiryu wouldn't take too kindly to his escaping and that he was set free by Flare, apparently one of her best servants. He wondered if he should have persuaded Flare to go with him. After all, she was showing signs of remembering him. Yuki might have been able to help her remember her past, to get her back to her true self.
Yuki slowed down to a walk as he reached a clearing in the forest. A river ran across the clearing with a bridge going over it. He glanced to his left to see a mountain just a few miles away. He recognized where he was. "Chiyu," he muttered to himself. "Not far from where I need to go." From his right, he heard a female voice calling to him. "Yuki!" He turned to see Mizu running in his direction, followed by a pink six-tailed fenne
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Kitsuria Chronicles - Chapter 2: Second Thoughts
Yuki, Electra, and Pyra stood around a table, examining a map that was laid out on it. It showed several regions of the land, some of which were marked in red, designating areas attacked by Flare.
Pyro walked to the table from another room, carrying a tray with cups of tea. She set the cups on the table and spoke. "As you can see, we've been keeping track of Flare's movements. Based on our reports, she started somewhere further southwest from here."
"Did anyone try fighting her back?" Yuki asked. "She seems to be working alone."
"Some have, as you may recall her mentioning it earlier. She is a formidable opponent. At least, I would think she is. That said, our witnesses have seen her back out and return later with backup. Most of the villages she had attacked didn't have much experience with defending themselves, anyway. We haven't had a situation like this for a long time."
Pyra pointed to a circled area on the map. "So this is our location right now and the last area that Flare had a
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Kitsuria Chronicles - Chapter 1: A Familiar Face
Yuki walked through Azure Forest, a forest named for the color of its foliage. He stared up blankly at the sky, the sun filtering through the leaves and casting a greenish blue light on his face. He thought quietly to himself, recalling the message left by his mate Cyan: "My sister is nearby, I can feel her presence. I am going to go look for her. I am sorry to leave so suddenly, I just don't want to give up this chance."
It had been more than three days, and Cyan hadn't returned, let alone sent a messenger to tell Yuki that she was okay. Cyan had always been worried about her sister since losing her several years ago, regularly searching for her. She had never taken this long, however.
Yuki eventually wandered into a village. Or, at least that was what it used to be. He stepped back, looking at the burned buildings - some of them with boarded up windows and doors. He noticed a reddish orange fennec vixen standing outside of one of the buildings. She was wearing an red robe with an ora
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Digital Dimension - Chapter 4: United
Valerie paced back and forth, finishing her soda. "Damn, what is taking Faye so long?" she asked herself. A strange voice answered, "She is no longer with us."
"What do you mean?" Valerie asked, not yet looking in the voice's direction.
"She's in the digital world," the voice replied. "Unfortunately, I fell out of the portal, and now I'm stuck here."
"Oh," Valerie responded, seemingly unfazed, as if she weren't paying attention to what the voice was telling her.
Valerie finally turned to look at the stranger, a yellow cat's head with a tail. She jumped, backing away from it. "Gah!" she shouted. "Who---and most importantly, *what* the fuck are you?! head? I can understand lettuce heads, but CAT heads?! Please tell me I'm hallucinating!"
"Nyaromon," the stranger said. "And relax, you're not hallucinating."
"Right...And what are you going to tell me next? You want me to burn things?"
"I'm serious," Nyaromon sternly replied. "I'm your digimon. You're my tamer."
"I don't get
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Pyromon - Fire and Ice by Samuikon Pyromon - Fire and Ice :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 1 0
Digital Dimension - 3: Lakeside Trouble
Bob was sitting in front of the rock by the entrance to the cave. "Man," he sighed. "Guard duty is boring. I'm having a hard time staying awake." He leaned back against the rock, looking up at Betamon who was resting on top of it. "I don't think anyone is going to go out of their way to hurt us," Bob said. "It's late at night, and the only one who really knows about us is hiding."
"True," Betamon replied. "But you don't know what Deemon could send out. We need to be alert, especially if we're out in the open like this." Bob nodded, sighing again. "You do have a point, but I am still tired. And bored." Betamon smiled. "You had a short nap." Bob smirked sarcastically at Betamon. "Right, a short nap."
Bob closed his eyes and sighed softly. He began to drift into sleep when a voice cried out from the forest. He jumped to his feet. "I'm awake! Don't yell at me!" Bob exclaimed. Betamon jumped down from the rock. "They weren't screaming at you. Someone is in trouble."
"We should go see what's
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Pyromon Fluxbox Desktop by Samuikon Pyromon Fluxbox Desktop :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 0 0 Pyromon: Ubuntu Migration by Samuikon Pyromon: Ubuntu Migration :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 1 0 The Tide of Romance by Samuikon The Tide of Romance :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 0 0
Digital Dimension - 2: Aquilamon
Faye, Bob, and Jess started to walk down a forested path, followed by their digimon. They were surrounded by tall trees on either side, the leaves providing cover from the sunlight. Faye kicked a stray rock on the ground as she continued walking, grumbling to herself. Konekomon glanced up at Faye and asked, "What's wrong, Faye?"
"My summer vacation is ruined," Faye answered, "Deemon is so going on my shit list."
"Shit list?" Konekomon tilted her head. "What is that?"
"Just a list of people I hate, people that just piss me off so much."
"Is it a long list?"
"Not really."
"Ah, that's good. It's not nice to hate others. Though, I guess it's alright to hate Deemon. He's a jerk."
"Well, he is the one we have to save the world from, right?" Faye asked. "Then we're home free?"
"I hope that's not all you care about," Konekomon said, stopping, "Getting home. This is a nice place, even if you were unwillingly brought here. Did you have any better plans for summer vacation?"
"," Faye res
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Digital Dimension: 1 - 'Episode One'
It was a normal Thursday morning in Rose County. The date was the twelfth of June, the day before school ended for the summer. A young blonde-haired girl was walking down the street on her way to school, humming a happy tune. She was wearing a blue and yellow striped t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. It wasn't long before she saw her friend Valerie in the distance. Valerie had black hair, and was wearing similar clothing to Faye's, except she had a white shirt depicting a cartoon character eating glue.
Faye ran to Valerie, shouting, "Hey!"
"Ah, good morning, Faye," Valerie replied. "How are you doing today?"
"I'm doing great! Though I had a crazy dream last night."
"Oh? Do tell!"
"So, I was in this elevator, right?" Faye said. "I don't remember why I was in there, I think it was a hotel or something. The elevator got stuck between two floors and the lights shut off, but the music was still playing. It was some awful 80s song, and it kept playing. Non-stop. I banged on the door,
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Pyromon: New Look by Samuikon Pyromon: New Look :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 0 2 Pyromon, Reawakened by Samuikon Pyromon, Reawakened :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 1 1
Mature content
Chapter Two: Interruption :iconsamuikon:Samuikon 2 3

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Samui Shiiba
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I'm a writer, roleplayer, and retro gamer. I run a community called Kitsuria Network, where we focus on classic games and abandonware. It is also the home of a few of my projects.


I haven't signed onto dA in a while. I need to change that.

It took me forever, but I finally finished Chapter 3 of Digital Dimension last month. In the future, I will be posting new chapters of Digital Dimension and any of my other works to Kitsuria Network, before posting to any art website. I eventually plan on adding character profiles and other things to my posts on Kitsuria.

Chapter 4 is coming along pretty well. I would have finished it last week if I weren't sick. So, I am going to try and finish it this week. I'm also restarting Kitsurian Chronicles pretty soon.
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