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In the burning heat of love and rage.
The chill of the spine. Arms. Neck.
Transisting twinnings. Tingles and spurs.
Worming throughout troubled places. Heart. Mind. Vertebrae.
Trembling feet. Trembling hair.
Emotion. Precipice whining. Crying out with feeling of yearn.

More! I say. Fades.
Until next time.

Until next time. I fly once more.
With the dust of fairies and my greatest dreams.
The whirring immensities of life at it's highest point.
Never alone.
Always there with that to be felt. The amazing intensity.
Of Him.


The first official piece of the 3rd alone series.

Pen Tool, Wacom Intuos3

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Awesome!! The color scheme is beautiful. Very sepia tone, which sets a mood -- jaded, whimsical, sad or desperate, repressed -- definitely repressed.

There's a lot of MOTION, too, an explosive effect, like all that repression has finally become too much and your character here is just LETTING IT ALL OUT. This is the breaking point, where healing begins.

The title helps to add meaning and assists the viewer with interpretation, which I'm told is a real smooth and artsy thing to do. (In poetry, anyway. Poetry is so dang hard to interpret.) I honestly don't know a lot about "real art," but this is definitely one of the better pieces on the Christian art scene. You conveyed a lot without resorting to slapping words all over the picture. Keep up the excellent work!
i want to buy this print for a book cover
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Woow, just stunning artwork.  I love the poem too.  You draw in a perfect way.  Looks alive and the concept is very clear.   I like the softness of the palette you used it.

It has been featured here:…
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I just came across this one again today.  And I still love it!!!  :heart:
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Glad it could have that effect on you :)
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Hey Samuel! I love this work, have had it in my faves for a while and was wondering if I could include it in a video we are making entitled "Time to Heal". Full credit obviously will be included on the video.

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very striking image
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This is magnificent! Without a doubt one of the greatest and most powerful pieces I've seen in a while!
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You're the reason I make art, thank you :hug:
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And, honestly? You're the reason I do! Inspiration like this is what keeps me going!
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This is so HOT!!!!
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There isn't enough Christian art on dA!
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I'm attempting to do my part :)
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I'm sorry to say that the only part of the poem that I understood is the last few lines, which I love. I hope it's cuz I'm sleepy. :)

But the concept (of visual and literary art) seems great!
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I LOVE this! I wish I could fav it over and over again! :blowkiss:
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