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Twilight Princess

D: Welp, I'm one of the poor souls who went Twilight Princess-less this Christmas! I'm gonna get it as soon as Sam's Club calls us when their Wii shipment arrives. @_@; But until then, all I can do is gawk at screenshots and draw fanart. Oh, and pray that I don't come across any spoilers! Shh! D:

And damn it, I know I saw a blue fairy in one of those trailers! @@ If there isn't an important fairy in the game, then pretend that that's your average, everyday blue fairy. :3;

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Simple, cute and beautiful :love:
tailstheawsomefox's avatar
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They all look so cute.
ShadowWindTheCat's avatar
LINKY POO ISH SO CUTE....why do i call him linky poo all the time im so wierd
soldierofthelight's avatar
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Wow! Looks awesome!!
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Sooooooo cute!!!!!! I've beat this game so many times, and now I wrote a fanfiction here on DA!
Good job
D4ncingD4wn's avatar
SO CUTE! I love this! And the game too! I'm in the water temple now :D
awww! It's soo cute! <3
iPikachux1's avatar
Oh my gosh I love this! It's really really good XD
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i like the clouds :3
sonicfannwotffan's avatar
this is adorable =D also I watch my brother play it, it looks like an awesome game
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You do know the fairy is just a cursor on the Wii version. It barely has anything to do with the storyline
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what an awesome picture!! I wish I could draw TP Link
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I absolutely love this. Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game to date.... until I play Skyward Sword that is. :D
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oooooh I kinda like, love this xD
AmberHorseArtist's avatar
love the chibi tp people but in tp link doesnt have navi unfortunately i am sorry but it kinda bugs me
vioxshadow4swords's avatar
i have that game=) its really fun. cute pic. i love the wolf link in the corner. it looks like a lil puppy<3
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