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Fursuit headbase made from standard DVC foam. Please provide examples of what you would like the headbase to look like or you can give me free reign. Semi-realistic or toony. Shipping costs depend on where you live. Price varies if character is super complex (i.e. lots of horns, antlers, etc.).
Fursuit Parts
Anything from bodysuits to just paws. Ask me for a quote on just about anything and I shall give.
Includes head, paws, tail, wings (if applicable), and feet (optional). True cost starts at $400 and varies with complexity and shipping costs (must be done through paypal). Any species.
Fullsuit of your character. Most of the cost is materials. Must send reference sheet, head measurements, duct tape dummy, and a pair of comfy shoes in order to be made especially for you. True costs start at $900 (must be done over paypal). Plantigrade or digitigrade.

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Saiai the Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit by SamTheMoose101 Saiai the Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 5 0 Power Ranger Corgi Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Power Ranger Corgi Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 1 0 Bunali Sau Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Bunali Sau Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 1 0 Ghesh Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Ghesh Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 1 0 Tussy Furred Head and Nub Tail by SamTheMoose101 Tussy Furred Head and Nub Tail :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 5 0 Apricity Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Apricity Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 6 0 Cenegan Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Cenegan Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 3 0 Cinnamon Fursuit Parts by SamTheMoose101 Cinnamon Fursuit Parts :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 11 0 Opal Fursuit Head by SamTheMoose101 Opal Fursuit Head :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 9 4 Alpha Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Alpha Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 1 0 Roo Felt Badge by SamTheMoose101 Roo Felt Badge :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 1 0 SFS Business Logo by SamTheMoose101 SFS Business Logo :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 4 1 Saiai the Dutch Angel Dragon Fursuit by SamTheMoose101 Saiai the Dutch Angel Dragon Fursuit :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 6 3
Mature content
Strange Fascinations (KeeperxListener) Chapter 4 :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 2 0
Mature content
Strange Fascinations (KeeperxListener) Chapter 3 :iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 2 0
Strange Fascinations (KeeperxListener) Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Admissions
Your feet grew ever so tired, trudging along the winding dirt path. The sun had managed to set once again, darkness creeping over the land. Fortunately there were some flickering lights coming from up ahead, a place to stay. Smiling, you finished wiping your blade of the bandit's blood and sheathed it, picking up your pace. Cicero whined from behind you, breaking the silence. "Oh Listener, wait for poor Cicero. My feet ache and my legs break.... keep going fast and its my grave you make."
Shaking your head, you turned around and began to walk backwards. "If we get there faster, the less likely we are to be jumped by any more violent sorts."
He frowned and crossed his arms. "I am a violent sort. Just let me kill them, stab stab."
You playfully grabbed his arm and smiled at him. "If you get there before me, then I will buy you a whole bushel of carrots!"
The jester perked up at those words, but only for a moment. He then pouted, "No... carrots won't help Cicero's fe
:iconsamthemoose101:SamTheMoose101 2 0
Dutch Angel Dragon Fan by RoseOfTheNight4444 FAS by Kycha by Idess Furry stamp by UchihaDEMS Danny Phantom FAN by LittleStar87

Katherine says hi!!!
stylish [cm] by jigsocks
Check out my FurAffinity page for more art I don't post on here:…


Saiai and Katherin-SamTheMoose101 by Darkenesoul

Cat Ears Lover Stamp by Agacia12345 Tail (Stamp) by ELLlOTT GIRL (Stamp) by ELLlOTT


Chibi villains: Zygon by Marvilius Chibi villains: Zygon :iconmarvilius:Marvilius 5 0 Christmas Kids by ChibiDonDC Christmas Kids :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 1,670 138 Two Ladies/ Valentine month by ChibiDonDC Two Ladies/ Valentine month :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 1,849 212
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 037
Chapter 37:

“All Business”
    There was a lot of commotion going on outside of the Riften gates when Jade and Cicero finally arrived. A large group of citizens and guards were gathered just off to the side of the road, many of them cheering and shouting. Jade slowed Shadowmere to a trot and kept her distance until she could tell what was going on.
    “Is that a dragon?” Cicero asked riding up beside her.
    “A dead one, yeah...” she replied.
    “We should probably wait to go through the gates. If anyone figured out you were the Dragonborn, this could get quite complicated-”
    “I won't say anything,” Jade began riding toward the crowd, “I just want to see what the shouting is about.”
    “Wait!” Cicero gasped and snapped his reins,
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 12
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 036
Chapter 36:

“What Dreams May Come”
    The pleasant smell of seasoned meat cooking called to Cicero from his bed. He found himself sitting up and pulling the soft linen sheets aside. His bedroom was of Cyrodiilic fashion with fine Imperial furniture. Everything was clean and undamaged. He stood up slowly and brushed the wrinkles out of his white dress shirt before making his way toward the kitchen.
    “I thought you'd never get up,” Jade's voice sounded pleasant and loving. She was standing at a wood stove with her back to him. She was also dressed in clean, well-sewn attire.
    “I was... really tired,” Cicero replied, tucking his hair behind his ears.
    Jade turned and smiled warmly at him. Her long emerald colored dress actually covered her cleavage, draping down over her large pregnant belly. She held up th
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 7 9
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 035
Chapter 35:

“Home again! Home again!”
    The halls of the Dawnstar Sanctuary were filled with the grunts and groans of a winded Cicero struggling to drag the unconscious orc he was tasked into abducting. Sure, the horse did all the work carrying her from Markarth but hauling her from the entrance to the torture room was threatening to break his back.
    “How can someone be heavier than they look!?” he panted, dropping her body at the top of the steps to the main room.
    Mother stepped past and patted him on the shoulder without saying a word. Even her casual gestures felt motherly and, in that, rewarding to him. She made her way down to the main area to check in with the others who had arrived long before them. Cicero's little freak out at the tavern had caused their contract to take longer than it should have.
    Sage s
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 8 8
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 034
Chapter 34:

“Children of Madmen”
    In Oblivion, time was indefinite. One could spend only a few hours in the sphere of a daedra while years flow by on Nirn. One may also live a lifetime beyond the worlds just to return as if nothing had changed. This very fact was on the minds of two daedric princes as they began rolling out ideas on how to manipulate the mortals for a bit of entertainment.
    Prince Sheogorath, the daedric Prince of Madness, was known for being unknown. His motives in his dealings were never clear. But one thing was. He gained massive amounts of enjoyment in the process of driving mortals insane. Sheogorath was as mysterious as he was dangerous.
    The finely dressed prince poured himself a glass of wine while picking some cheese from his teeth with a toothpick.
    “Wine, my dear?” he asked the hoo
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 8
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 033

Chapter 33:
“The Impossible Treasure”
Part Three

    “This is impossible,” Sebastian flipped his goggles up onto his forehead and stepped back over to Ruby, “How is this possible? Because it's not possible!”
    Sage quickly took Ruby's hand and helped her to her feet. He knew they needed to get out of there before this nutcase started getting even more... weird.
    “Whoa, whoa, wait!” Seb took Ruby's other hand to stop them, “You knew she was a Falmer?”
    “Yes. No. I don't know how to answer this. We need to leave.”
    “I have to examine her! I need a blood sample! A-and a hair sample and maybe skin and ovum and-”
    Sage suddenly lunged and grabbed Sebastian around the throat with his free hand. Seb released Ruby and gripped Sage's wrist with both hands as he gasped and ki
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 8 5
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 032

Chapter 32:
“The Impossible Treasure”
Part Two

    Sebastian, the eccentric and strange Breton had not stopped talking the entire way up to the Hall of Countenance. He rambled on and on about Ruby.
    “So, how did you find her? Where, though? And do you know anything about her red eye? Why do you call her Ruby? Because of the eye?”
    Sage was beginning to think this might have been a bad idea. He refused to answer any of the rapid questions as he watched Seb walking backward to face him. As they entered the dorm room, Sage was relieved to see that there wasn't a door that could be closed behind them.
    “Shackles!” Seb chirped, his fingers wiggling in anticipation.
    “Wait,” Sage once again stood between them, “I need you to answer a few questions before I allow you near her.”
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 7 7
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 031

Chapter 31:

“The Impossible Treasure”
Part One

    Thinking ahead, Sage made sure to rent a wagon and horse before heading to Winterhold. Bosmers were the smallest of the races and not known for physical strength which he'd need to haul an Altmer target back to Dawnstar. Even with Ruby accompanying him, it wasn't likely that they'd both be able to make it back without a major struggle.
    The air was dry and very cold even though the sky was clear and blue. The wind shuffled the snow drifts around as Sage stopped the cart just outside of town. There was a small caravan of Khajiit merchants bundled up in coats and furs around their makeshift tents by the side of the path. Their eyes all turned to watch as Sage climbed down from the driver's seat and turned to help Ruby. The shawl he had given her to wear to shield her from the cold was slipping off her shoulders. Being a snow elf, the ch
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 5
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 030

Chapter 30:

“One Contract, Two Assassins, Three Sheets to the Wind”

Part Two

    Nazir didn't move a muscle as he stared down at Babette's unconscious body on the floor. It was obvious to him what had happened. Drawing attention to his association with her by running to her aid would have been a bad idea. There was still a job to be done.
    “Ah-ha!” Tripp beamed down at her, “Not so observant, little assassin,” he giggled.
    Nazir was fuming on the inside, but his facade remained calm and cool. Somehow this Khajiit switched the mugs while dancing on the table. Such a simple case of misdirection and Babette fell for it. Literally. He didn't want to be anywhere near her when she ultimately wakes up and figures out what had happened. She may be small, but Babette could throw a tantrum to rival that of a frost troll.
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 7 7
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 029
Chapter 29:

“One Contract, Two Assassins, Three Sheets to the Wind”
Part One
     Nazir shivered as he leaned against the outer wall of the Vilemyr Inn. Babette knelt beside him in the grass as she dug through her pouch of poisons and concoctions. Ivarstead was a small village in the western Rift with very little to see or do. It served as a rest stop for pilgrims before ascending up the seven-thousand steps to the monastery of High Hrothgar. The journey to the top of the Throat of the World (the highest point in all of Tamriel) was more entertaining than this boring village. For that, Nazir and Babette's presence there was noticed almost immediately.
    They had been devising a plan to obtain the target for almost an hour. Nazir was growing impatient as the sun began to set and the cool night air crept in.
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 7 3
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 028

Chapter 28:

“Doggy Style”

Part Two

    “You there! Companion!” a guard shouted out of breath from the top of the steps of Dragonsreach.
    Vilkas pointed to himself to confirm that he was the one being addressed. Jade, who was climbing the stairs behind him with her cowl over her head, quickly turned away and backed down a few steps to avoid being recognized. She pulled the loose fabric up over her nose.
    “Are you speaking to me?” Vilkas asked and continued toward the guard.
    “You're the twin, right?”
    “I suppose,” he replied already knowing that his brother had gotten himself into trouble within the few minutes it took to catch up. But to what degree?
    “Your other half just ran in here and punched a guard in the throat. He shouted something about a distr
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 7
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 027

Chapter 27:

“Doggy Style”

Part One

    Honestly, it had been a long while since Jade had spent time in Whiterun. She would visit often to sell goods and fence some items, but she tried to limit her time there. After multiple run-ins with the law, she thought it best to avoid being noticed. Unfortunately, Jade couldn't exactly explain that to the Night Mother and expect to get out of this contract. Better to keep her head down and not be seen.
    The mark she was assigned to was known to stay in Whiterun this time of year. Besides a residence, a transient's only option for stay would be the Bannered Mare in the Plains District. Though, it being mid-afternoon, the inn/tavern was near empty. Jade didn't want to draw too much attention to herself by asking around openly so she decided that the next best option would be to simply keep her eyes peeled for an Argonian dressed as a sell
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 9 7
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 026

Chapter 26:

“The Safest City in the Reach”

Part Four

    “Excellent plan, Mother,” Cicero cheered as he skipped down the front steps of Markarth, “Smear some blood, fake a scene, distract the guards, our record's clean! Hehehehe!”
    Mother used the front of her shall to wipe the blood from her face as she followed the path. She gazed off to the left of the Markarth gates. Sure enough, there was a little village made up of only a few little huts that seemed like more Dwemer architecture. It appeared that poor families took up residence here.
    “Should we ask around again?” Cicero asked mid-caper.
    “No,” Mother seemed to know exactly where she was going now.
    She grabbed a rag from a clothesline as they passed through a yard and handed it to Cicero.
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 7 5
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 025
Chapter 25:

“The Safest City in the Reach”
Part Three
    Dawn was breaking before the guards relaxed their search for the suspects in the triple murder at the inn. Mother shivered as she continued to hold Cicero's dazed and semi-conscious body up in the waterway below a bridge. He mumbled off and on as his head nodded; his eyes glazed over as he stared into space. The insane amount of energy he had absorbed from the rapid series of kills was ravaging his mind.
    Once Mother deemed it safe to leave the water, she began tapping Cicero on the cheek.
    “Wake up, child. We have a job to do,” she said in a low tone. He wasn't snapping out of it. She looked at him with concern. Mother knew the power of the Ebony Blade. She knew how it had gotten into his hand without even having to ask. Though it would b
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 4
I love Anime, Disney, Dungeons and Dragons, Danny Phantom, Black Butler, InuYasha, Daft Punk, and Psych!!!!!!






Here is where I have decided to put a few of my best artwork so that people may decide to actually get them (cough, cough). Enjoy~!!!


VAMPIRE KING by alo4477 VAMPIRE KING :iconalo4477:alo4477 5 0 Vampire Goddess by DreadJim Vampire Goddess :icondreadjim:DreadJim 114 2 Vampire by Sikarbi Vampire :iconsikarbi:Sikarbi 13 4 Vampire by QueenGwenevere Vampire :iconqueengwenevere:QueenGwenevere 185 10 Cera : Latte' by LightningStorm5 Cera : Latte' :iconlightningstorm5:LightningStorm5 49 12 Mountain Hunter by katanimate Mountain Hunter :iconkatanimate:katanimate 3,533 171 Fox Furry sis by Cat-Heart Fox Furry sis :iconcat-heart:Cat-Heart 31 9 Playful Spirits - Speedpaint by MidMist Playful Spirits - Speedpaint :iconmidmist:MidMist 38 26
So much beautiful art, so little money.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


SamTheMoose101 has started a donation pool!
496 / 700
:points:Trying for a premium as well as having some points to get some others' awesome art <3 Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you! :points:
Taking points commissions down below as well!
If you give a donation of 20 pts then I will draw you a doodle!
fursuit maker stamp by WOODLAND-GHOUL Stamp- Fursuiter by ChaosKomori Furry is not a Fetish by ElyssaJM

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🖤🖤🖤TOS: Terms of Service & Info🖤🖤🖤

I have just a few rules to follow when commissioning art from me.

1) I allow for PWYW payment plans along with a down-payment of $25 to show you do actually want the suit. Increments no less than $20 at a time please. If you do pay the complete cost of a fullsuit/partial up front, you are in store for some free art of your character! (You must ask me about it)

2) When commissioning anything fursuit related, there must be a down-payment of at least $25 to show that you are serious about buying and claims you a slot.

3) I respond to messages every day. If you ask me for wips I will provide them. I also keep my Trello updated daily. Usually your wips will be posted there as I have more to show. I am not very good about taking initiative to providing my customers with wips personally as I am a very busy person.

4) I do not do collabs unless it is with someone I know well.

5) If you decide to do a payment plan with me and you need to cancel, I get to keep $10 for my time with you and you will be BANNED from commissioning me again for 5 months. I need reliable commissioners and to know when I will have money in the bank. This is my job.

6) DTD when commissioning a fullsuit is REQUIRED. I can't work only off of measurements for something so expensive that should last you for a long while. I want you to have the best fit possible.

7) I will allow for no extra charge for repairs within the first year of purchase, you just have to pay for shipping.

8 ) If you are unsatisfied with your product, let me know within the first month after receiving and you can send the package back to me to be changed to your liking. This being said, please inform me beforehand if you plan to wear anything under your head, such as a balaclava or glasses.

9) I do not do moving jaws with my foam heads, sorry. If you want me to fur a resin head then I will absolutely do that.

10) You agree to these conditions when commissioning me, if there is any refusal to follow these, I can refuse the commission and return a partial refund.


Fursuit commission information:

Status: CLOSED for fullsuits/partials, CLOSED for fursuit parts, CLOSED for badges/dolls

I am a beginning maker, and I am open for 2 partial/fullsuit/three-quarter suit commissions at a time! They can be any species, digitigrade or plantigrade. I will ship internationally from the US but this will change the price more drastically.

Partials start at $400, 3/4 start at $700, and fullsuits start at $900. Prices will vary with complexity and shipping.

I run a Picarto livestream and a discord channel so that you can get constant updates and contact me personally about your commission. I will also allow for no extra charge for repairs within the first year of purchase, you just have to pay for shipping.

Additionally, I have 10 slots open for fursuit parts.
Bodysuits (digitigrade): start at $400
Bodysuits (plantigrade): start at $300
Legs (digitigrade): start at $200
Legs (plantigrade): start at $100
Handpaws: start at $50
Feetpaws: start at $60
Tails: nubs start at $30, medium at $50, tail draggers at $90
Headbases: start at $30
Furred heads: start at $150

To get a custom quote from me fill out this form:

If you require any closer pictures of any part of the suit I own and made myself, I will be glad to PM them to you.


Current queue available here: Trello…

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Sammy Moose
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HELLO EVERYBODY!!! My name is Sammy Moose... but 'yall can just call me Sam :meow: I was born in Las Vegas and moved 5 years later to the town of Tri-Cities, WA... amazing little town it is... I encourage yall to visit it sometime :evillaugh: I'm just kiddin'... we are fairly boring actually. :dummy:
:la: I enjoy taking commissions when they are open and I am obsessed with practically everything. And I NEVER EVER trace.... NEVER!!! :shakefish: I love the computer :typerhappy: music :stereo: new movies :teevee: and reading :library: and yes cheese too XP :cheese:
You can add me on websites other than here on dA...
Facebook: (private info, ask me first)
If you like my art, please TELL ME SO XD
You are welcome to :+devwatch: me too...
And :+fav:s are most welcome as well ;D
:llama::icongivellama1plz::icongivellama2plz::icongivellama3plz: ;)

Steal, and I will eat you :sarcasm:

:hug: GUTEN TAG!!!! :wave:

Plz Check out meh Gallery!!!
:gallery:… :deviation:



DP Transformation Stamp by ecokitty RQ: DannyxSam Stamp 2 by DP-Stamps DP: I Heart Phantom Stamp by Grey-Ghostly-Tsubasa Vlad Stamp the Third by DP-Stamps Cheesehead Vlad Stamp by Goku-san DP Stamp: Vlad x Maddie - Studies by Bordzia-DP-Stamps DP: I Support Vlad's Cat by Gryphonia
Stamp Scar by HavickArt The Lion King - Scar Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Disney Stamp - TLK 014 by hanakt Sensational Scar by azianwolfdoll I'm Surrounded By Idiots - Scar stamp by Nala15 Anybody Home? - Scar and Ed ''Be Prepared'' stamp by Nala15 The Lion King oo1 by HuskeeStamps Mufasa Stamp by HavickArt Mufasa Stamp by RogueLottie Disney Stamp - TLK 010 by hanakt Disney Stamp - TLK II 001 by hanakt ...Hakuna...Matata... by azianwolfdoll The ''Mane'' Event - Cub Simba animated stamp by Nala15 Disney Lion King Stamp by TwilightProwler Colossus Stamp by SamTheMoose101 Cicero Stamp by TheYUO

My Icons: :iconthraxplz::iconavatarnaviplz::iconkahmunrahplz::iconbluerajaplz::iconmnmplz:

People I know in REAL *gasp* life:


Saiai the Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit
My very first fursuit I have ever made now with some updates and my first ever character come to life. I hope to continue to improve and upgrade this bab and have even more pics for all of you in the future!!!

Dutch Angels belong to :iconino89777:


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