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Da Personality Offspring Meme :3



This Personality Offspring meme looks like a fun meme to use. :3 After seeing :iconspiketheklown: and :icongagaman92: using this meme, I would like to give this a shot.

-Mary the Living Doll-

Goldie Pheasant - A sweet voice

Tiffany - Size

Audrey - Sweet and kind personality of a lady

-Tawna Lorenzo-

Viole - A tomboy

Boxing Gloves - Boxing as a hobby

Pink - Spikey hair


Poison Ivy - A mutated plant woman

Red Rose - Herself as a mutated rose

The Great and Powerful Trixie - Her voice and that such Superiority

-Jack Mcpayne-

Super Macho Man - As a boxer and dat voice

Hollywood - As a Hollywood star

Gaston - No humans were ruthless like Jack

-Morgan/Stone Fox-

Tiger Lily - Very quiet young Indian girl

Platinum - A Strong woman, except that Morgan is not a wrestler >_>

Hsien-Ko - Morgan seems reminds me of this character :confused:

Before you comment, all those pictures are not created by me. But the drawings of Mary, Tawna, Thornetta, Jack and Morgan are created by me.

Mary the Living Doll, Tawna Lorenzo, Thornetta, Jack Mcpayne and Morgan by me

:iconcautionplz: All the pictures of characters, person, things and place from google ARE NOT created by me :iconcautionplz:

Meme --> [link] by :iconcandy2021:

Meme used by me
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OMG! Gaston's face is killing me!!! X'D