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Debbie and Jackie Part 1

By samster2
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Here's the first of a short two part illustrated story featuring Debbie and a new lady in the mix...

2.30pm and Debbie stepped into the showroom of Touchdown Chevrolet looking for her husband.  Hank ran the small town dealership and Debbie called in occasionally.  Particularly when she knew the big shots from Denison Auto Group, the company that owned Touchdowns, were up from Dallas to visit because there was always plenty of buffet food left over. 

Afternoon and the showroom was quiet.  Easy listening music played in the background, a salesman was stood in the corner practicing his golf swing and the pretty girl sat behind the reception desk was passing the time on her I-phone.  Debbie could relate to that; her working day was spent doing much the same at Bank of Texas.  The girl eventually looked up and smiled:

“Hi Debbie, y’all looking for Hank?”

“Sure am Shelby sugar, is he here?”

“No, he’s out on a test drive.”


Deep in her over indulged belly Debbie felt a frustrated groan.  She wasn’t going to get her hands on the buffet food.  She passed some time gossiping with Shelby before heading back out.  Wiggle waddling back toward her SUV, Debbie checked out her reflection in the dealership windows.  She had the look of a fully fattened up MILFy butterball.  She was partly embarrassed by how fat she’d gotten but at the same time there was a satisfied sexual rush ran through her as she soaked in her bloated curves. 

Hauling herself up into her Escalade she turned on the engine, got herself comfortable in the cream leather drivers seat, checked her reflection in the rear view mirror and slipped the gear lever into reverse.  She waited for a white Chevy Suburban to drive past and into the lot.  It was one of the new 2015 models Hank had been talking about.  Apparently they were selling well and he was expecting a big quarterly bonus thanks to the new 2015 Tahoe and Suburban.

Pulling out of her parking space Debbie watched first her husband step down from the passenger side of the Suburban.  He was tall, handsome and in great shape.  The driver door opened and Jackie Guerra stepped down.  Debbie bit her lip and watched.  She was an olive skinned Latina with the look of a Univision weather girl with a love of food to match Debbie’s.  She had thick, expensively styled raven black hair and a bright yellow sweater with dark blue jeans that were skin tight around her thick thighs and Kardashian themed ass.  Following Hank back into the dealership Jackie had her own version of Debbie’s wiggling walk; her oversized caboose rocking like a rolling stone behind her.

Jackie and her family owned Guerra’s Latin American restaurant on the square in downtown Burnett.  The restaurant specialised in authentic Cuban food along with standard Tex-Mex.  Debbie wasn’t so sure about the Cuban chow but Guerra’s sour cream chicken enchiladas were, in Debbie’s expert opinion, way better than anything you could get at Chili’s.  Debbie felt a rumble in her belly as she thought about chicken enchiladas.  She was going to have to eat before she got back to work.  May a swing by Taco Bell?

Hitting the gas Debbie accelerated out of the Touchdown’s lot in search of a fast food fix.

 After Taco Bell Debbie returned back to Bank of Texas and parked her big butt behind the counter.  A small town branch and most people just went to the drive thru ATM so Debbie spent many hours sat checking out Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and surfing the web.  That wasn’t to say she had absolutely nothing to do.  Some old folks preferred face to face banking and then there were people calling in to see the branch manager, Veronica Ryder-Vincent.  The only other semi regular customers were downtown restaurant and store owners banking cash.

Sat down Debbie’s fat thighs filled the chair and spilled over the sides.  Her belly sat in her lap and she could feel her swollen sides pushing against the chair arms.  She’d already had to get an extra width chair and it looked like she was going to need another.  Pleasantly full from the Taco Bell she still found herself snacking occasionally on the peanut M&M’s she kept in her drawer. 

Bored she glanced out of the window.  One on the new 2015 Chevy Suburban’s Hank had told her about rolled to a stop in the lot.  Munching on an M&M she watched the driver’s door open and Jackie Guerra step down.  Debbie gulped.  Jackie sure knew how to work sexy and fat.  Most women who got fat around Burnett let themselves go and stopped worrying about fashion, make-up and looking good.  But Jackie still looked picture perfect despite her size.  That was something Debbie respected.  She knew that it was her or Jackie who any man considered the hottest fat MILF around town – the blonde ex-cheerleader or the sultry ex beauty queen Cuban. 

“Hey Debbie!” said Jackie loudly as she stepped into the bank.  Her accent was Texan with a faint hint of her parent’s Cuban heritage.

“Hi Jackie.”

“Oh my God Debbie, your smokin’ hot husband gave me the keys to that awesome new Suburban to test drive.  I’m gonna talk to Marco and he’s gonna have to buy me it.  Its like its got my name on it, ya know?”

“Sure do but don’t tell Hank that” laughed Debbie.

“Marco can negotiate the deal” said Jackie.

“Love the blonde streak ya got going on” said Debbie with an eye to Jackie’s hair.

“Thanks hun!  And your rocking that whole Jess Simpson look…”

The pair small talked whilst Jackie handed over the cash from the restaurant and Debbie counted it out.  All the time Jackie checked out Debbie.  Her only rival hot fattie in town and Jackie respected all the effort the blonde took to look good.  She had that whole all-Texan cowgirl thing going on but had gotten way too fat for a horse.  Debbie was seriously bloated and Jackie figured had a good thirty pounds on her.  She was way too porked to manage a shift waiting tables at Guerra’s.  Jackie mused over that point.  With the size her own ass had grown to she was gradually reducing her own role serving at the restaurant.  She viewed herself more as a sexy hostess and let the girls they employed run around from table to table.

Eventually Debbie finished counting out the money, handed Jackie a receipt and the two said their goodbye’s.  Debbie watched the sultry Latina walk out of the bank, her giant bubble butt swaying behind her and a definite waddle in her walk.  No doubt Jackie was putting on more weight, thought Debbie, and she was approaching that point where a gainer moved from overweight to supersized.  It had happened to Debbie a couple of years back and she’d eaten through it.  Jackie had the look that she was going to do the same.  Working around all that delicious food at Guerra’s restaurant and it would be impossible not to.

With that thought Debbie’s mind wandered back to the sour cream chicken enchiladas…

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It's always great news when a fresh Debbie Hill story appears!  This one was no exception - eagerly awaiting part 2!
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Thanks - part two just got posted!
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Wow pics like this make Debbie from your older stuff look down right skinny
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Debbie sure ain't skinny no more!   There is maybe a second pic to include next to this one as a sort of "before and after" pic of her when she just started gaining.  Sort a "fifteen years ago" pic...
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Really like how the illustration has captured just how big Debbie has gotten... Love'n it
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Thanks!  I really tried to get that across with this one of just how big she is!
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I especially liked them checking each other,  taking the measure of the rival MILF porker of the town.
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Yes, I figured they would see each other in that way and would keep check on what the other is doing.  
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Do I sense a bit of competition for the status of biggest MILF in town?
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I really need to read more of your Debbie works. Absolutely delectable.
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Thanks - really glad you like it and feel free to check out more Debbie, that's plenty of Mrs Hill on my DA page.
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Mmmm.... Tempting. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing a Jackie pic soon.
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Very true...there is a Jackie pic fast approaching :)
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