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today I am very happy to tell you that I passed successfully my martial arts exam in Muay Thai Boran. This is traditional Thai Boxing. Now I am level 3 of 8 . My style is called in Thai “Süa Lag Hang”, which means “The Crouching Tiger”. It was brought to Germany by my beloved Grandmaster Ajahn Lao Vongvilay. Whom I know now since 1995, and who has been teaching his sophisticated system of Martial Arts in Munich for over 30 years. My school is called “Kampfkunstschule Germering”, and my masters are Didier Hartmann and Ajahn Goran Pujic.      

On the attached picture they both sit in front of me.

If you want to check my skills please check the following URL:…

In case you are interested, please check the following URLs. The website of Grandmaster Ajahn Lao Vongvilay is and the website of Kampfkunstschule Germering is…

Greetings Knut aka SAMSARA

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Congratulations for successful Martial Arts Exam

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Thank you very much! Muay Thai Boran is my passion.

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