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After graduating from German Gymnasium in 1994 I traveled for 6 months to India, and there I came first in my life in contact with Buddhism and thangkapainting. In India I met in 1995 the fascinating personality of H.H. Dalai Lama. in Dharamsala. In retrospect I can say, that the blessing of this holy man changed my life deeply in a positive way. During the 3 months I stayed close to him in Dharamsala I got blessed by him 3 times during a public blessing, which was a peak experience of my lifetime! Also I started to study the Dharma and I began with meditation. In Dharamsala I met a few Tibetan thangkapainters and from there on I was absolutely fascinated by their artwork. Also I got the beautifully illustrated book of Robert Beer into my hands Life of the 84 Mahasiddhas and I was thrilled!

After India back in 1995 in Munich I met my beloved Grandmaster Ajahn Lao Vongvilay from Thailand. From then on I started to train martial arts in his tradition with passion. His style is called Süa Lag Hang. Which means translated: “The crouching tiger.” The web site of Grandmaster Ajahn Lao Vongvilay is, link: .

From India I brought a couple of Buddhist art-books, but I started painting thangkas in an autodidactic way not before 2005.My first thangka was a Padmasambhava. In the meantime I am in the happy situation that I get teachings on how to paint thangkas by Juliane Eichberg at Aryatara Institut in Munich Juliane Eichberg is in the tradition of the Tibetan painter Thargeyla in Kathmandu and Andy Weber, one of the most renowned western thangka painters. She is teaching me in Menri Style. Over the years I painted a few thangkas. My most important ones are the 8 manifestations of Padmasambhava. Which I painted in 2 different techniques. First I did them with watercolors and then I did them again with red ink on golden gouache.

H.H. Dalai Lama and H.H. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche are my most important sources of inspiration for my artwork. Because only through them I learned the art of meditation which is vital for me in my artwork. Painting means meditation for me. Since I love to meditate, painting means deep fulfillment for me. For artistic guidance and inspiration I would like to thank especially Angela Sandl for her assistance and guidance regarding my art , and of course my thangka painting teacher Juliane Eichberg. If there is one of the few things I seem to have understood in the study of classical thangkapainting and Mahayana Buddhism, it is for sure the platonic interpretation of Sokrates:”I know, that I do not know....

Apart from thangkas I paint still lifes, which are a mixture of Asian and European influences. Since 1994 I also do Buddhist graffitis. My writer name is SAMSARA.

Samsāra (Sanskrit, ) is a Buddhist term that literally means "wheel" and is commonly translated as, "cyclic existence",or "cycle of existence". Within Buddhism, Samsara is defined as the continual repetitive cycle of birth and death that arises from ordinary beings' grasping and fixating on a self and experiences. It is the opposite to Nirvana. Since it is characterized by suffering ,(Sanskrit: duhkha),

My best Graffiti Styles are digital ones

For all the mistakes I committed, I do beg the dharmaprotectors for pardon. May all sentient beings fulfil their potential of inner peace and harmony.


Knut von Walter aka SAMSARA


Favourite Visual Artist
H.H. Karmapa, Duerer, Rubens, Caravaggio, Rembrandt
Favourite Movies
Ip Man, Jackie Chan, Jet Li
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gomo Tulku, Beastie Boys, Mya, Buddhist Chants
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Padmasambhava, H.H. Dalai Lama, H.H. Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje
Hi, please check my new journal entry. Greetings Knut aka SAMSARA
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Hi, today I am very happy to tell you that I passed successfully my martial arts exam in Muay Thai Boran. This is traditional Thai Boxing. Now I am level 3 of 8 . My style is called in Thai “Süa Lag Hang”, which means “The Crouching Tiger”. It was brought to Germany by my beloved Grandmaster Ajahn Lao Vongvilay. Whom I know now since 1995, and who has been teaching his sophisticated system of Martial Arts in Munich for over 30 years. My school is called “Kampfkunstschule Germering”, and my masters are Didier Hartmann and Ajahn Goran Pujic.       On the attached picture they both sit in front of me. I
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Malen für den Frieden Da ich praktizierender Buddhist und Schüler von S.H. Dalai Lama bin, ist es mir ein Herzensanliegen mit meiner Kunst die positive Botschaft von Seiner Heiligkeit in meiner Umwelt zu verbreiten.   Denn meiner Meinung nach setzt sich S.H. Dalai Lama wie kein Zweiter auf diesem Planeten für den Weltfrieden ein. Er ist der populärste Friedensnobelpreisträger, der noch lebt, und bereist unermüdlich die ganze Erde, um eine Ethik zu verbreiten, die nicht an Religionen gebunden ist. Diese Ethik, die er auch als menschliche Werte bezeichnet, beinhaltet Liebe und Mitgefühl für alle Wesen
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I am doing a Watcher's feature journal
Thank you for watching, great collection of art pieces you have here! :)
I guess you will like, it's a thangka painting which I modified a little. 
thanks for the watch.

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