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Mermaid Anatomy


Hey everyone, this is part of my 'Creating Immersive Creature Design' tutorial

I really hope you like it!

I really wanted to show how you can push the boundaries of creature design and still have something that looks like it ha a sense of reality to it. This mermaid was designed as part of 'MerMay'

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First Question: Are these creatures sapient?

If they are not...let me just say that the tail looks like good eating!

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wow this is amazing nice study!
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This....I like this
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It looks like an axolotl 
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a very long interesting new take on this creature! You got a new watcher here, too!
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Now this is wonderful! I never really imagined a mermaid like this before, possibly the most original concept of them I could find, all else I can say is excellent work:)
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It is really exciting to see how you thought through the anatomy of the creature, and the use of color is subtle but very appealing.
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an actually original mermaid concept? HERESY! :D Honestly though, it's amazing!
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That is simply the best thing I've ever saw and truly beautiful.😍
You my friend, just got a new watcher. I love this kind of innovating creature design.
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