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MH:World - Donkestra Creature Detail


'The Donkestra uses its skin flaps to glide across the land, whilst its spines and reinforced skull help defend it from predators and hunt down prey. It's hooked tail allows it to both hang upside down as it rests, and to quickly adjust its course mid-flight'

Accompanying Armour set here:…

Breakdown & Development Blog here:…

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Boulepi28's avatar
It looks like an inbreeding of all monsters combined. Odd
DrawingHunterBoi's avatar

Hi i really like your art and i hope you arent getting mad because i want to use them to get better at drawing i am still a beginner and i hope to see more Monster Hunter Art from you :D

RuotaSama's avatar
JennaJinouga's avatar
Damn, this is incredible :o
I love this design and wished i could hunt it ;w;
It's just so beautiful.

Good job on this!
SpeculaTimsauru5's avatar
ANOTHER CARNIVORE? I really wish more herbivore concepts and creatures could come around we need more meany faced vegetarians.

Nonetheless, this 'little' culungo-pachycephalosaurus is a very cool idea! I really like this fella. :) good job ;)
PrimalMatt97's avatar
Holy shit this looks like it could be legit. Excellent job!
AmirShinobi's avatar
I read "Donkestra" and immediately thought of an orchestra of donkeys.
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
It looks so adorable!! ...And prickly. And headbutty.
What an amazing and lovely design! :) I love the mixture of things worked into the design. Reminds me of my budgies, except maybe a little more ferocious. Haha
WarriorRazorclaw's avatar
I love it! It looks like a hybrid of many interesting animals.
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Amazing creature design!

Super pro!!!

BTS Yoonseok Hug (Suga and JHope) 
udnaan's avatar
it doesn't look very happy
DinoDragoZilla17's avatar
Awesome! I could actually see this as a real Monster Hunter monster!
frostbite2308's avatar
Oh, I love this game! Awesome concept!
hmm... I find the design conficting. It looks both heavy(mainly the head) and light a the same time. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful creature. I'm in love with it. 
Firest's avatar
Major kudos for the silhouette size comparison.  It's a simple thing that really helps visualize a creature, yet so few monster manuals do it.    
foozlemyboozle's avatar
This is just a fantastic little beasty, its a shame its so cute, it would make it hard for me to get a full set
NahxsTheEnd's avatar
this something you did or is this actually gonna be in the game?
eyemiiko's avatar
i love the shading!!!
CLCanadyArts's avatar
Great creature design, the tail hook from which they hang is a great touch. I love the little icon as well.
sweetdreamz12's avatar
Monster Hunter Is AWESOME!
bitonic's avatar
Oh my gosh would this baby be in Coral Highlands or Elder Crossing???
This is amazing!
OneWingedHeron53's avatar
Now this I would like to see in the game!
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